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Viper venomous silver sword - diagram, stats, location

Viper venomous silver sword

viper venomous silver sword witcher 3
Type Silver Sword
Tier Witcher Item
Requirements Level 39
Stats +25% Aard Sign intensity
+75% Critical hit damage bonus
+10% Critical hit chance
+15% Chance to poison
+20% Bonus experience from monsters
Rune Slots 3
Damage 463-565

Viper venomous silver sword is a Silver Sword in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Witchers use these weapons to fight monsters.

Viper venomous silver sword - Location

To obtain the sword you need Hearts of Stone expansion. During the last story quest Whatsoever a man Soweth... challenge Master Mirror. When in Gaunter's World look for a stone that has a sword in it. This is where you can pick it.

If you miss it, there is no other choice to obtain it, except console commands - additem("EP1 Viper School silver sword").

Viper venomous silver sword - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Leather scraps 2
Dimeritium ingot 2
Monster brain 1
Sapphire dust 1
Emerald dust 2

Viper venomous silver sword - Notes

  • There is no diagram for this sword without console commands. You can obtain it by using additem("EP1 Viper School silver sword schematic") command.
  • The sword is nothing special compared to other witcher weapons which provide bonus from armor sets.