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Grandmaster Feline steel sword - diagram location, stats

Grandmaster Feline steel sword

grandmaster feline steel sword witcher 3
Type Steel Sword
Tier Witcher item
Requirements Level 40
Stats +15% Aard Sign intensity
+10% Critical hit chance
+15% Chance to cause bleeding
+10% Chance to dismember
+5% Bonus experience from humans and nonhumans
Rune Slots 3

Grandmaster Feline steel sword is a Steel Sword in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Witchers use these weapons against humans and normal beasts

Grandmaster Feline steel sword - Diagram Location

The quest to start the armor piece diagram scavenging can be started by talking with Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair city, Toussaint

lazare lafargue grandmaster location witcher 3

The diagram can be found in Pits of Brume, south of the Arthach Palace Ruins

pits of brume location grandmaster feline steel sword witcher 3

The area is infested with Archespores, which are weak to fire.

Grandmaster Feline steel sword - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Feline steel sword - mastercrafted 1
Leather scraps 2
Enriched dimeritium ingot 2
Sapphire 1
Monster blood 1