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Mantis Blades

Mantis Blades

mantis blade cyberpunk 2077
Type Arms Cyberware
Slot Arms
  • Mantis Blades allow you to slice and dice your enemies with swift, deadly slashes. They also unlock the ability to leap towards a target and deal massive damage. To do so, hold and release the assigned hotkey.
  • 10/15/20% Chance to apply Status Effects.
Mod Types Cyberware Mod
Mod Slots 1-3
Price per Tier Rare - 12850
Epic - 20550
Legendary - 35550

Mantis Blades is Arms Cyberware found in Cyberpunk 2077. It is an implant that players can purchase and equip with the help of ripperdoc. Arms Cyberware can provide various stat bonuses and open up new gameplay options

Cyberware comes in different rarities which affect its stats

Mantis Blades - Overview

Arm blades are designed with lethality and concealment in mind. As effective as they are flashy

Mantis Blades - How to obtain

You will need Street Cred to purchase Mantis Blades:

  • Epic - 20-25
  • Legendary - 45

Mantis Blades - Notes

The weapons are deadly to a single target. However, due to long animations they may not work well in open areas with many enemies,