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Sharp Claw - usage and where to find it

Sharp Claw

Sharp Claw Icon
Type Materials
Rarity 4
Sell Price 50z
Buy Price -
Carry 99
Monster Ludroth
Locations Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
Lava Caverns (Low Rank)
Frost Islands (Low Rank)

Sharp Claw is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. Materials can be received from quests, hunting monsters, carving, gathering, etc.

Sharp Claw - Locations and How to Obtain

This section contains explanations of different ways that the material can be obtained.


Monster Source
Ludroth iconLudroth
Low Rank
Carve: Body (12%)
jagras iconJagras
Low Rank
Carve: Body (15%)
Uroktor iconUroktor
Low Rank
Carve: Body (18%)
Rachnoid iconRachnoid
Low Rank
Carve: Body (15%)
Low Rank
Carve: Body (15%)

Sharp Claw - Usage

This section covers different use cases for the material, like crafting, forging, and upgrading.

Weapon crafting

  • Bone Scythe II (x2)
  • Bone Slasher (x2)
  • Bone Scythe (x3)

Armor crafting

  • Death Stench Muscle (x2)
  • Death Stench Grip (x2)
  • Anjanath Mail (x2)
  • Bone Helm (x1)
  • Rhenoplos Mail (x1)
  • S. Studded Hat (x2)
  • Uroktor Torso (x1)
  • Izuchi Mail (x1)
  • Izuchi Coil (x1)
  • Bone Vambraces (x1)
  • Droth Greaves (x1)
  • Ludroth Greaves (x2)
  • Nargacuga Mail (x2)

Decoration Crafting

Other item Crafting