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Stoutbone - Location, How to Get and Use


Stoutbone icon
Type Materials
Rarity 6
Sell Price 750z
Buy Price -
Carry 99
Monster Arzuros
Locations Shrine Ruins (High Rank)
Frost Islands (High Rank)
Flooded Forest (High Rank)
Sandy Plains (High Rank)
Lava Caverns (High Rank)

Stoutbone is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. Materials can be received from quests, hunting monsters, carving, gathering, etc.

Stoutbone - Locations and How to Obtain

This section contains explanations of different ways that the material can be obtained.

Monster hunt rewards and locations

Table with details on where to find the monsters that can reward you with the material. You can check this guide for an explanation of different reward sources

Monster Material source Location
Arzuros iconArzuros (High Rank) Target 14%
Capture 18%
Body Carve 15%
Shrine Ruins (High Rank)
Flooded Forest (High Rank)
Lagombi iconLagombi (High Rank) Target 14%
Capture 5%
Body Carve 8%
Frost Islands (High Rank)
Volvidon iconVolvidon (High Rank) Target 11%
Capture 16%
Sandy Plains (High Rank)
Lava Caverns (High Rank)
Tetranadon iconTetranadon (High Rank) Target 12% Shrine Ruins (High Rank)
Frost Islands (High Rank)
Lava Caverns (High Rank)
Bishaten iconBishaten (High Rank) Target 12%
Carve Body 10%
Shrine Ruins (High Rank)
Flooded Forest (High Rank)
Popo iconPopo (High Rank) Carve Body 6% Frost Islands (High Rank)

Stoutbone - Usage

This section covers different use cases for the material, like crafting, forging, and upgrading.

Weapon crafting

  • Undying Axe I (×3) 
  • Cerulean Axes I (×3)
  • Golem Blade I (×4)  
  • Gossblade II (×2) 
  • Five-Pronged Hammer II (×2) 
  • Undying Blade I (×2) 
  • Demon Gunlance I (×4) 
  • Lagombi Charlotte (×3) 
  • Bull Grunt I (×3) 
  • Yakt Shooter II (×2) 
  • Cerulean Axes II (×4) 
  • Anteka Blade I (×3) 
  • Anteka Burst II (×1) 
  • Arzuros Revelax (×3) 
  • Surprise Axe II (×5) 
  • Cyclecaster (×2) 
  • Kelbi Stingshot II (×3) 
  • Bonesilt Veil (×2) 
  • Bone Bludgeon II (×2) 
  • Barbarian Fang (×1) 
  • Double Droth (×3) 
  • Golem Gunlance II (×3) 
  • Native's Horn (×4) 
  • Power Gasher II (×3) 
  • Ploshasta II (×3) 

Armor crafting

  • Arzuros Mail S (x2)
  • Arzuros Coil S (x1)
  • Chaos Archbun (x3)
  • Tetranadon Mail S (x1)
  • Tetranadon Braces S (x2)
  • Dober Vambraces (x3)
  • Dober Greaves (x2)
  • Bishaten Helm S (x2)
  • Lagombi Helm S (x1)
  • Lagombi Greaves S (x2)
  • Volvidon Coil S (x2)

Decoration Crafting

  • Dive Jewel 1 (×1) 


Other item Crafting