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In this guide, I will try to cover what type of rewards in Monster Hunter Rise and how they can be maximized. This includes how to use Hunter's Notes and understand various data that you will find online.

Reward window

In this game every time you leave the city you will do a Quest. Here are some types of them:

  • Expeditions
  • Hunt Quests
  • Capture Quests
  • etc.

After you complete one you will enter a reward window, that summarizes your rewards:

Monster hunter rise quests rewards

Target Rewards

These are rewards specifically from hunting the Large Monsters that were in the quest. This includes other monsters not only the ones in the objective.

Quest Rewards

Each quest has its specific table of rewards. There is a chance to obtain them and may change based on luck. However, the rewards cannot be controlled and do not depend on what and how many monsters you hunt. Here is an example from Kiranico database of detailed Quest reward table

Capture Rewards

When you capture a monster with traps: Pitfall or Shock + Tranq Bomb this line will appear. Capturing in most cases will yield more rewards. Moreover, to maximize it you can use Good Luck armor skill.

However, for certain use cases, you should check Hunter Log's as some materials like specific Monster Plates have a higher chance of dropping when carving rather than capturing.

Broken Part Rewards

These are rewards for breaking specific monster parts. When breaking a part there is a chance that it will give you additional items or materials. I will cover this below in the details on Hunter Notes

Palico Rewards

Palicoes like you will gather materials from various outcrops. This is covered by the "Items Gathered" row.

Palicoes can additionally plunder materials. However, for this to be maximized you will need to have your partner specialization as "Gathering". Palico will use Plifer ability, resulting in more materials from the monster on that it was used

Gathering palico stats

These materials will be included in the "Items Plundered" row under Palico Rewards.

Stats rewards

This is the second window after you have finished the quest and it explains some of the additional rewards that you have gained:

Quests rewards stats

Reward Money Earned

This line shows the calculation of how many Zeni you have earned from this quest. Usually, the rewards are split by the party size, so the more hunt members you have the lower the Zeni reward will be as it is split up by all of you.

Moreover, if you die the money reward is also decreased

Kamura points

This line explains the number of points you have earned. Each quest has a base, however, you can increase it by breaking monster parts, collecting account items, or delivering large account items, like eggs.

Buddy Rewards

This shows the amount of XP that your companions: Palico or Palamute gained through the quest. The longer the quest and the more they participate: gather, battle, the higher their gained XP will be.

Misc Rewards

Not shown in the image, these are rewards like a new cutscene after you unlock after a successful quest.

Hunter's Notes explanation

You can access Hunter's Notes window by clicking + and going to "Info" tab. then select "Hunter's Notes" and "Large Monsters" or "Small Monsters"

Accessing Hunter's Notes

To be able to get materials that you need you should be familiar with Hunter's Notes. It covers what can you expect to be rewarded from each small and Large Monster and what you need to do to get it. Let us take a look at an example:

Example of Monster material rewards

Here you can see that to obtain the Hide material we have multiple options:

  • Hunt Large Monster in one of the quests as Target Reward
  • Capture monster during the hunt
  • Breaking one of the parts: Beak, Torso, or Arm. Arm giving the largest chance of 100%
  • Carve Body after you successfully kill the monster (you will not be able to do this if the monster is captured)
  • Material can be randomly dropped during the hunt or while the monster is in the wild

Monster Riding

This is a major mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. While riding a monster if you attack other monsters there is a chance that materials will be dropped. Based on the Hunter's Log "Dropped Materials" column you will be able to tell which materials can be obtained in this way.

You can get 3 dropped materials per monster per single ride.


I hope this guide was helpful to you and some points to take with you after reading it:

  • Capture monsters to maximize your rewards if possible (doesn't work on Elder Dragons)
  • Have Palico with Gathering specialization
  • Check Hunter's Notes for the best way to obtain material from specific monster
  • When Riding you can get 3 dropped materials

Thank you for reading and please leave any comments below!



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