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Kushala Daora: How to Beat, Weakness and Drops

Kushala Daora: How to Beat, Weakness and Drops

Kushala Daora

kushala daora icon
Species Elder Dragon
Elements -
Ailments mhr dragon iconDragonblight
mhr ice iconIceblight
Resistances mhr water iconWater
mhr ice iconIce (Immune)
Ailments Weakness Blast ⭐⭐⭐
Stun ⭐
Poison ⭐
Element weaknesses mhr thunder iconThunder ⭐⭐⭐
mhr dragon iconDragon ⭐⭐
FireFire ⭐⭐
Parts weakness Cut damage type icon - Head, Forelegs
mosnter hunter blunt icon - Head, Body, Forelegs
Monster hunter ammo icon- Head, Tail
Threat 8⭐
Locations Frost Islands
Sandy Plains

Kushala Daora - a Large Monster that you will encounter in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). These types of monsters are usually the main targets for hunt quests. They reward with crafting materials for armors and weapons.

This page is a detailed guide on Kushala Daora, it covers all the needed details to be prepared for the fight with it.

Kushala Daora - Characteristics

A returning Elder Dragon from the previous Monster Hunter Series. It is famous for its metallic look and wind pressure surrounding it. You can expect numerous tornadoes and wind-related attacks thrown at you

  • HP Base:-
  • HP Solo High Rank:-
  • Quests: Steely Storm
  • Longest/Largest: 2180.96
  • Shortest/Smallest: 1913.13
  • Unlock: HR 30

Kushala Daora - Combat Guide

Recommended equipment and loadout

  • Flash Bombs - to deal with flying
  • Windproof skill if you are a melee user
  • Poison weapons, smoke bombs or kunais
  • Chameleos armor set for Chameleos Blessing skill (explained in the Strategy section)
  • Nulberries - against dragonblight


Here are key points that you should know for the fight against Kushala Daora

If you are new to the fight and got lucky with Chameleos material drops this is major recommendation:

Craft Chameleos armor set

It will give you Chameleos Blessing skill:

chameleos blessing armor set skill

By having 4th level of this skill you will gain:

  • Bonuses to spiritbirds effects
  • Negation of Wind pressure (it is major ability of Kushala)
  • Increased poison status effect, Kushala Daora is weak to it (more on this in next section)

However, it may be difficult to gather all required materials, so please follow the next steps to make your fight much easier

Dealing with Black Wind Aura

You will see the dark fog start surrounding it:

Kushala daora wind pressure

Kushala Daora will then use more aggressive attacks, like multiple tornadoes and Air Stream attacks (about this later on).

Additionally, if you are using a ranged weapon without piercing ammo you will not be able to hit its body. Kushala will be protected and the only part that you can hit is its head.

To deal with Black aura do one of these:

  • Knock Down - mostly concentrating on the head
  • Apply poison status

Based on your situation and preferred way of style choose one that suits you the best. You can also use Chameleos armor set to increase the poison status effectiveness.

Head is the weak point

The head is the weakest part. You can knock down Kushala Daora numerous times by hitting it during the mission.

Moreover, if you are using a blunt weapon or weapon that can deal blunt damage, like charge blade phials, you will also be able to knock it down a few additional times during the hunt

Tornadoes, Wind pressure, and wind attacks

Kushala Daora's controlled element is Wind. Due to this, you should be expecting multiple tornado attacks

Kushala Daora multiple tornadoes

The best way to avoid them is either running, rolling or superman diving. For shield, users you can also guard with Guard up skill

Additionally, Kushala will utilize wind pressure. What this means is that during certain animations: roars or enraging it will knock back the hunter additional time if it is close by.

Another option to deal with Wind pressure is to use Chameleos armor set it is made specifically to battle Kushala Daora.

Guard Up skill for shield users

Kushala Daora tornadoes that are summoned when it is enraged can be defended with Guard Up. However, if you can run through them, this is a better option as you will not lose time due to knockback.

Killing Combo: jet stream + black wind

This is the scariest attack and if you are hit by it, you can only be saved with a wirebug. The attack starts when Kushala Daora is in Black Aura wind state and stands on its two feet. It will then launch an air stream from the ground to the air.

The attack is homing, so it means that you can only avoid it at the last second:

kushala daora air stream attack

If you get hit by it you will be thrown in the air. When available try to use wirebug to avoid the next black wind ball attack. If you will not avoid it you will probably die:

Kushala daora air stream black wind combo

This is the most difficult attack of Kushala Daora as it has multiple steps. Due to this you always want to remove Black Aura state as soon as possible

Use Flash Bombs

During the fight, it is recommended to use Flash Bombs a few times. However, do not overuse them as they lose their effect. You want to use them 2 times in a fight.


If you followed these tips I think victory should be in your hands:

Kushala daora dead monster hunter rise


Kushala Daora - Weaknesses

This section covers the monster's weaknesses. To better understand the details about weaknesses, hitzones, broken parts, and ailments check out this guide.

Ailments vulnerabilities

This table explains what status effects the monster is weak to. Zero stars - monster is immune, three stars - monster is very weak to it.

Poison Sleep Paralysis Blast Stun
- - ⭐⭐⭐
Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight Thunderblight Iceblight
- ⭐⭐

Breakable parts

These are the parts that you can break from the monster resulting in weakening his attacks and dropping additional materials

  • Head
  • Wing

Physical hitzone values

This section explains what type of weapon you should use and what monster parts to attack to deal the most damage. The higher the value the weaker the part is to the respective weapon.

Monster Part Cut damage type icon mosnter hunter blunt icon Monster hunter ammo icon
Head 60 55 35
Neck 40 35 25
Foreleg 45 50 35
Abdomen 35 50 34
Back 23 25 30
Wing 23 23 20
Hind Leg 30 30 25

Elemental hitzone values

These are elemental hitzone values for different monster parts. The higher the value the weaker it is to the said element

Monster Part Fire icon water icon thunder icon Ice icon dragon icon
Head 10 5 15 0 10
Neck 10 5 15 0 5
Foreleg 10 5 20 0 10
Abdomen 10 5 15 0 10
Back 10 5 15 0 10
Wing 10 5 20 0 15
Hind Leg 10 5 15 0 5

Kushala Daora - Carves and Rewards

To better understand how rewards for hunts, quests, and carves work in Monster Hunter Rise check this guide. It will explain in detail what each number and column says in the tables below

High Rank

Check the table below for the percentage chance of rewards and items that can be obtained from the Kushala Daora High Rank variation. 

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Daora Carapace 16% - - 30% - Body, 17% - Tail 34%, 30%
Daora Dragon Scale+ 32% - 17% (x2) - Head 24% - Body 45%
Daora Claw+ 21% - 30% (x2) - Wing 15% - Body 10%
Daora Webbing 16% - 70% - Wing 12% - Body -
Daora Tail 12% - - 80% - Tail -
Daora Gem 3% - 3% - Head 2% - Body, 3% - Tail 1%
Elder Dragon Blood - - - - 15%
Dragon Treasure - - - - 40%

Kushala Daora - Craftable Gear

A list of weapons and armor that are related to Large Monster Kushala Daora


  • Icesteel Blade I
  • Icesteel Edge I
  • Icesteel Dagger I
  • Icesteel Fang I
  • Daora's Taus I
  • Icesteel Spear I
  • Icesteel Gunlance
  • Daora's Farasa I
  • Daora's Casca I
  • Daora's Entom I


  • Kushala Glare
  • Kushala Cista
  • Kushala Grip
  • Kushala Cocoon
  • Kushala Crus



The Kushala daora Armor set is useful against Teostra


As a mediocre player, I can say that Guard Up was a lifesaver against tornadoes