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Apex Rathalos: How to Beat, Weakness and Drops

Apex Rathalos: How to Beat, Weakness and Drops

Apex Rathalos

apex rathalos icon monster hunter rise
Species Flying Wyvern
Elements FireFire
Ailments FireFireblight
mhr poison iconPoison
Resistances FireFire
Ailments Weakness -
Element weaknesses -
Parts weakness -
Threat 9⭐
Locations Rampage

Apex Rathalos - a Large Monster that you will encounter in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). These types of monsters are usually the main targets for hunt quests. They reward with crafting materials for armors and weapons.

This page is a detailed guide on Apex Rathalos, it covers all the needed details to be prepared for the fight with it.

Apex Rathalos - Characteristics

A Rathalos so mighty, it was crowned an Apex. It is eternally possessed by wrath and terror, possibly due to the myriad wounds that cover its body, Its every breath releases flaming jets that single the very air. The call of an Apex unleashes its tortured anger on nearby beasts, driving them into a frenzy

  • HP Base: -
  • HP Solo High Rank: -
  • Quests: Apex Rathalos
  • Longest/Largest: -
  • Shortest/Smallest: -

Apex Rathalos - Combat Guide

Recommended equipment and loadout

  • Antidotes and Herbal Medicine to deal with Poison
  • Fire Resistance gear and decorations
  • Flash bombs

Rampage Strategy

The Rampage with Apex Rathalos is similar to other Apex monsters. The idea is to save up as many limited installations and attack it when Counter Signal initiates. However, let's get into details

Save Splitting Wyvern shot

When you get to the second do not use this installation on Apex Rathalos yet. Rather save it when he will be readying his major attack. There a few advantages in doing this:

  • You will not get hit accidentally by the Rathalos
  • With enough damage you may even cancel its signature fireball attack
  • He will be stationary when he is charging making it easier to hit it

Apex Rathalos Splitting Wyvernshot

With these tips in mind you should be able to fully utilize the Splitting Wyvern shot at the right time

Save Limited installations for the second area

You should not be using installations like Elder Fugen early in the fight. Rather save them for Apex Rathalos. Limited Installations deal large amounts of damage ensuring that you kill it before the Gates are destroyed

Place the most powerful installations near the gate

Apex Rathalos for most of the fight will be concentrating on the gate. Due to this, I suggest putting Wyvernfire artillery and auto cannons near the gate.

There will be a lot of fire

As you can expect from a Variant of Rathalos there will be many fireball attacks. It will use mostly the same attack patterns as normal Rathalos. However, the important part is that they will be either longer o stronger.

For example, he will swipe with his flame breath two times instead of one.

Utilize Wyvern Riding

Check for a popup that you can ride a wyvern:

apex rathalos wyvern riding

This is important as it unlocks a few opportunities:

  • You can apply blights on the Apex Rathalos
  • You can deal large amounts of damage directly to it

Counter Signal - your main damage

However, the fight comes down to how well you utilize the Counter Signal. Sadly, the installation damage does not scale when it is activated.

Due to this, I recommend use your weapon and attack the monster directly. Even though the player may get knocked down or attacked, the amount of damage that you deal will outperform any installations

Apex Rathalos - Weaknesses

This section covers the monster's weaknesses. To better understand the details about weaknesses, hitzones, broken parts, and ailments check out this guide.

Ailments vulnerabilities

This table explains what status effects the monster is weak to. Zero stars - monster is immune, three stars - monster is very weak to it.

Poison Sleep Paralysis Blast Stun
Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight Thunderblight Iceblight

Breakable parts

These are the parts that you can break from the monster resulting in weakening his attacks and dropping additional materials

  • Head
  • Wings

Physical hitzone values

This section explains what type of weapon you should use and what monster parts to attack to deal the most damage. The higher the value the weaker the part is to the respective weapon.

Monster Part Cut damage type icon mosnter hunter blunt icon Monster hunter ammo icon

Elemental hitzone values

These are elemental hitzone values for different monster parts. The higher the value the weaker it is to the said element

Monster Part Fire icon water icon thunder icon Ice icon dragon icon

Apex Rathalos - Carves and Rewards

To better understand how rewards for hunts, quests, and carves work in Monster Hunter Rise check this guide. It will explain in detail what each number and column says in the tables below

High Rank

Check the table below for the percentage chance of rewards and items that can be obtained from the Apex Rathalos High Rank variation. 

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials

Apex Rathalos - Craftable Gear

A list of weapons and armor that are related to Large Monster Apex Rathalos


  • Rampage Gunlance V
  • Rampage Agitato V
  • Rampage C. Blade V
  • Rampage L. Bowgun V
  • Rampage Bow V
  • Rampage Twinblades V
  • Rampage Blade V
  • Rampage Cleaver V
  • Rampage Sword V
  • Rampage Spear V
  • Rampage Hammer V
  • Rampage Slicer V
  • Rampage Glaive V
  • Rampage H. Bowgun V




Thanks! Now I use my weapon every time Comenter signal activates. Ramoages are much faster now