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Bazelgeuse: How to beat, weakness and drops

Bazelgeuse: How to beat, weakness and drops


bazelgeuse icon
Species Flying Wyvern
Elements FireFire
Ailments FireFireblight
Resistances FireFire
mhr water iconWater
Ailments Weakness Thunderblight ⭐⭐
Element weaknesses mhr thunder iconThunder ⭐⭐
mhr dragon iconDragon ⭐
mhr ice iconIce ⭐
Parts weakness Cut damage type icon - Head, Abdomen, Tail
mosnter hunter blunt icon - Head, Abdomen, Tail
Monster hunter ammo icon- Wing
Threat 8⭐
Locations Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Sandy Plains
Flooded Forest
Lava Caverns

Bazelgeuse - a Large Monster that you will encounter in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). These types of monsters are usually the main targets for hunt quests. They reward with crafting materials for armors and weapons.

This page is a detailed guide on Bazelgeuse, it covers all the needed details to be prepared for the fight with it.

Bazelgeuse - Characteristics

A nefarious flying wyvern. It is constantly travelling around the world for the next prey. The explosive scales that it carries are usually scattered around wide areas. This ensures that any prey will get caught in the blasts. It is called "Bomber Wyvern"

  • HP Base: -
  • HP Solo High Rank: -
  • Quests: Return of the Bazelgeuse
  • Longest/Largest: 2140
  • Shortest/Smallest: 2140

Bazelgeuse - Combat Guide

Recommended equipment and loadout

  • Fire Resistance gear and decorations
  • Shock and Pitfall traps
  • Flash Bombs


Explosive droppings everywhere

For this fight, until you learn how the droppings work we suggest being careful. The idea is that droppings explode after a few seconds

bazelgeuse droppings monster hunter rise

They drop everywhere when Bazelgeuse is doing one of its attacks animations. You can time their explosions by the color: grey - have a few seconds left, red - explodes instantly.

It is all about explosions

Bazelgeuse fight is all about managing and evading explosions

When enraged scales and droppings turn red

When Bazelgeuse is enraged the droppings and scales on his skin will start to glow red:

bazelgeuse enraged mode monster hunter rise

In this mode, its attacks will activate extensive explosions. Due to this the fight becomes much harder as you have to predict where the dropping will land and after how much time it will explode

bazelgeuse enraged mode explosions monster hutner rise

In this case we recommend during this phase stay away during the attack animations or us Guard.

Flying Bombardment

This is its signature attack. Bazelgeuse will start flying around the area dropping its scales. These scales will explode after a few seconds.

Bazelgeuse scales bombardment

After it flies around a few times it will do a Dive into the hunter. This will deal a large amount of damage to the player If not guarded avoided or superman dived.

How to deal with it?

You can take down Bazelgeuse during this attack by using Flash Bombs. have in mind they only work a few times against it

Be careful with Guard Edge

If you prefer to use Guard Edge, have in mind that each Bazelgeus attack hits multiple times due to explosions. So it is best to avoid using it until you get the hang of which its attacks have single hitboxes

Bazelgeuse - Weaknesses

This section covers the monster's weaknesses. To better understand the details about weaknesses, hitzones, broken parts, and ailments check out this guide.

Ailments vulnerabilities

This table explains what status effects the monster is weak to. Zero stars - monster is immune, three stars - monster is very weak to it.

Poison Sleep Paralysis Blast Stun
- -
Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight Thunderblight Iceblight

Breakable body parts

These are the parts that you can break from the monster resulting in weakening his attacks and dropping additional materials

  • Head
  • Back
  • Wings

Physical hitzone values

This section explains what type of weapon you should use and what monster parts to attack to deal the most damage. The higher the value the weaker the part is to the respective weapon.

Monster Part Cut damage type icon mosnter hunter blunt icon Monster hunter ammo icon
Head 60 65 25
Abdomen 45 45 25
Back 30 30 10
Wing 25 25 42
Leg 30 30 20
Tail 60 55 35

Elemental hitzone values

These are elemental hitzone values for different monster parts. The higher the value the weaker it is to the said element

Monster Part Fire icon water icon thunder icon Ice icon dragon icon
Head 0 5 15 10 10
Abdomen 0 5 10 10 10
Back 0 0 5 5 5
Wing 0 5 10 10 10
Leg 0 5 15 10 10
Tail 0 5 15 10 10

Bazelgeuse - Carves and Rewards

To better understand how rewards for hunts, quests, and carves work in Monster Hunter Rise check this guide. It will explain in detail what each number and column says in the tables below

High Rank

Check the table below for the percentage chance of rewards and items that can be obtained from the Bazelgeuse High Rank variation. 

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Bazelgeuse Scale+ 18% 14% 27% - Head 39% - Body 39%, 55%
Bazelgeuse Carapace 31% 18% 69% - Back 26% - Body, 27% - Tail 35%
Bazelgeuse Talon 23% 24% 35% - Wing 19% - Body 10%, 10%
Bazelgeuse Fuse 14% - 70% - Head, 30% - Back 15% - Body -
Bazelgeuse Wing 12% 29% 65% - Wing - -
Bazelgeuse Gem 2% 3% 3% - Head, 1% - Back 3% 1%
Bazelgeuse Tail - 12% - 70% - Tail -
Large Wyvern Tear - - - - 50%

Bazelgeuse - Craftable Gear

A list of weapons and armor that are related to Large Monster Bazelgeuse


  • Bazel Buster I
  • Bazel Buster II
  • Rookslayer Handaxes I
  • Rookslayer Handaxes II
  • Rookslayer Drum I
  • Rookslayer Drum II
  • Rookslayer Bowgun I
  • Rookslayer Bowgun II
  • Rookslayer Axe I
  • Rookslayer Axe II


  • Bazelgeuse Helm
  • Bazelgeuse Mail
  • Bazelgeuse Braces
  • Bazelgeuse Coil
  • Bazelgeuse Greaves



Using flash bomb during this bombaddment will make it instantly crash on next animation