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Tigrex Horn

Tigrex Horn

tigrex horn image mhr
Type Hunting Horn
Rarity 6
Attack 210
Sharpness tigrex horn sharpness
Element -
Affinity -20%
Defense Bonus 0
Slots -
hunting horn blue melody mhr iconEffect Earplugs (S)
red melody icon mhrEffect Attack Up
green melody icon mhrEffect Sonic Wave
Rampage Slots 1
Rampage Skills Attack Boost II
Affinity Boost III
Maximum Volume

Tigrex Horn is a weapon type called Hunting Horn that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon concentrates on dealing blunt damage and releasing songs to buff group members or weaken enemies

Tigrex Horn - Details

General information

The Striped Dragonga's final form. Its riotous roar will shake the earth beneath you.

Crafting materials

Tigrex Horn - Upgrade path

Weapon Name Required Materials
Striped Dragonga I Sharp Fang ×3
Dragonite Ore ×4
Tigrex Fang ×4
Tigrex Shell ×3
Stiped Dragonga II Fucium Ore ×4
Tigrex Scalp ×2
Tigrex Fang+ ×7
Tigrex Carapace ×2
Tigrex Horn Tigrex Maw ×1
Teostra Tail ×1
Tigrex+ Material ×15 pts