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Sharp Fang - usage and where to find it

Sharp Fang

Sharp Fang icon
Rarity 4
Sell Price 50z
Buy Price -
Carry 99
Monster Bullfango
Locations Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Frost Islands (Low Rank)
Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
Lava Caverns (Low Rank)


Sharp Fang is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. Materials can be received from quests, hunting monsters, carving, gathering, etc. This page covers how Sharp Fang can be obtained and what uses it has.

Sharp Fang - How to obtain

This section contains explanations of different ways that the material can be obtained.

Quest Reward

These quests have a chance to give the materials as a reward. Please check this guide for quest rewards explanation

Rank Name Quest type
★1 Shady Monster Hub quest
★1 A Snowball's Chance... Hub quest
★1 A Grizzly Encounter Hub quest
★2 Grizzly Glutton Village quest
★2 Rabid Rabbit Village quest
★2 I Want Off This Ride Hub quest
★2 Way of the Pukei Hub quest
★2 The Flooding Flooded Forest Hub quest
★2 So Muddy Hardheaded! Hub quest
★2 A Pale Shadow Hub quest
★2 Reinventing the Wheel Hub quest
★2 Blasted Basarios! Hub quest
★2 The Path to Royalty Hub quest
★2 Dead Ringer Hub quest
★2 Bouncing Brawlers Hub quest
★2 Fried and Baptized Hub quest
★3 Can't Stomach the Thought Village quest
★3 Fightin' Dirty Village quest
★3 Spongy Oasis Village quest
★3 Feathered Frenzy Village quest
★3 Faceless Foe Village quest
★3 Beckoning Slumber Hub quest
★3 The Blizzard Blender Hub quest
★3 Zigzagging Zapper Hub quest
★3 Down 'n' Dirty Hub quest
★3 Bully of the Caverns Hub quest
★3 Twilit Twin Stars Hub quest
★3 My Muse the Mizutsune Hub quest
★3 Champion of the Caverns Hub quest
★3 Wavering Moon and Thunder Hub quest
★3 White Knight vs. Hunter Hub quest
★3 A Friend in Need Hub quest
★3 A Few Bumps Along the Way Hub quest
★3 Hellfire Hub quest
★3 Tail to Tail Hub quest
★3 Beastly Chaos Hub quest
★3 Disastrously Beautiful Hub quest
★4 Special License Test 1 Village quest
★4 Infernal Lacrimosa Village quest
★4 Raging White-out Village quest
★4 The Queen's Procession Village quest
★4 Streaking Shadow Village quest
★4 A Song of Red and Fire Village quest
★4 Off Your Rocker Village quest
★4 Monkey Wrench in Your Plans Village quest
★4 A Poisonous Project Village quest
★4 Third Wheel Village quest
★5 Special License Test 2 Village quest
★5 Wind Speed Wyvern Village quest
★5 Electrifying Ephiphany Village quest
★5 Nocturnal Tracker Village quest
★5 Waltzing by Moonlight Village quest
★5 Rathalos Alert! Village quest
★5 Comeuppance Village quest
★5 The Secret Ingredient Village quest
★5 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz Village quest
★5 Nosey Nuisances Village quest
★5 The Hottest Around Village quest
★6 Special License Test 3 Village quest
★6 Hermit of the Swamp Village quest
★6 Abominable Snow-beast Village quest
★6 Thundering Voice Village quest
★6 Twisted Desire Village quest
★6 A Test of Courage Village quest
★6 Like a Flash of Lightning Village quest
★6 King of the Sky, Bane of the Land Village quest

Monsters that drop and location

Table with details on where to find the monsters that can reward you with the material. You can check this guide for an explanation on different reward sources

Monster Source Location
Bullfango (Low Rank) Carve Body 20% Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
Zamite iconZamite (Low Rank) Carve Body 12% Frost Islands (Low Rank)
delex iconDelex (Low Rank) Carve Body 15% Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
gajau iconGajau (Low Rank) Carve Body 10% Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Frost Islands (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
Lava Caverns (Low Rank)
Wroggi iconWroggi (Low Rank) Carve Body 15% Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
Lava Caverns (Low Rank)
Baggi iconBaggi (Low Rank) Carve Body 15% Frost Islands (Low Rank)
Jaggi iconJaggi (Low Rank) Carve Body 10% Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
jaggia iconJaggia (Low Rank) Carve Body 10% Sandy Plains (Low Rank)

Sharp Fang - Usage

Weapon crafting

  • Jawblade I (x4)
  • Hack Blade I (x3)
  • Serrated Jaw I (x2)

Armor crafting

  • Baggi Coil (x1)
  • Bone Mail (x1)
  • Bone Coil (x1)
  • Bone Greaves (x1)
  • Jaggi Mask (x1)
  • Rhenoplos Braces (x1)
  • Skull Visage (x3)
  • Uroktor Coil (x1)
  • Death Stench Bowels (x2)
  • Death Stench Heel (x2)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Greaves (x2)

Decoration Crafting

Other item Crafting