Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Teases Full Reveal Summer 2024

By CyberLaunch
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Bioware has teased a full reveal on the newest Dragon Age title but not until the summer of 2024

Now I suspect you have questions, such as what news about this has been revealed thus far? What were the voices in the recent trailer? Where will this journey take us? By the Makers will, I shall answer these for you this day!

All you wish to know about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf: Reveal Date, Locations, Artwork, and More.


Teaser Analysis

Antiva Official Art

As shown by a recent teaser, we may have a few confirmed locations that fans have been waiting to see for over a decade. Shown first upon a map seems to be the lands of Antiva, showing off the wonderous and dark city of Treviso. Also shown, Rivain seems to take an appearence of a squid on the map shown featuring all its coastlines and glowing seas. Finally the long awaited Anderfells features the Grey Warden fortress of Weisshaupt, showing a rainly thunderstorm with dangerous spiked rocks but also some possible red lyrium(?) This all ends in the title being shown with soon under it "Full Reveal Summer 2024"

Not much is seen here besides some locations, which is always great to see from a series such as this but what is even more interesting is the voicelines surrounding these areas. They appear in this order.

  • We fight for everyone, and always will. The Crows rule Antiva.
  • Glory to the risen gods, they’ve come to deliver this world.
  • Grey Wardens don’t hide in our castle. I won’t ask good soldiers to turn tail and run.
  • All the world will soon share the peace and comfort of my reign.

The most curious voiceline here seems to be the last one, it would reasonably be assumed it would be Solas saying this, however the voice seems drastically different than his Inquisition counterpart. This could mean one of two things. Solas can change his voice at will or it may be a new threat that will sweep over Thedas.

It should also be noted that the description of the teaser says "Enter Thedas, a vibrant land of rugged wilderness, treacherous labyrinths, and glittering cities – steeped in savage combat and secret magics. Now, its fate teeters on a knife's edge." followed by a link to their official website

What Can We Expect?

Weisshaupt Official Art

Unfortunately we have not gotten much news within these years of waiting so nothing is for certain at the moment. What we do know is we will be getting a new protagonist as we have with past titles, and this will be run on the frostbite engine similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition. What we can expect is Bioware showing us a (Hopefully) more extensive trailer with a release date attached. With such a long time since the last game, fans are hoping to see more than just artwork.

Now, in order to get hyped up for the next game there are a few things we can suggest.

What Can We Do During The Wait?

Rivain Official Art

If you are a big Dragon Age fan, all this waiting may be discouraging but I stay here to tell you that there may be a way to keep that hype going. These include puchasing the books and comics relating to the series, watching the show Absolution (It may tease a future villain) or even playing the official TTRPG for the series, such a community is large on Discord. If the TTRPG interests you and you cannot find a group to run it with go to Disboard and look for Inquisition Rising. If those do not satisfy you, feel free to make up some theories within the comments, we here at Gamestegy would appreciate such things!