Fallout 76: Summary of the Skyline Valley update

Fallout 76: Summary of the Skyline Valley update

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The most recent update to Fallout 76 added a ton of new features, places, questlines, and general game fixes and improvements. Here is a summary of the new features added to this huge game update. 


Skyline Valley's questline is a vault-focused story about Vault 63, which is the first vault, apart from Vault 76, to open in Fallout 76. Once you discover the actual location of the vault, you will be working with its residents and overseer to solve the mystery surrounding the Storm and the Lost.

Additionally, you'll encounter other intriguing groups in Appalachia Valley, including a new communist force and a Mothman cult.

Map Expansions

This is the first major map expansion since the game's release. This update adds a brand-new region, expanding the map into the Appalachian Shenandoah Valley.

  • 20 new locations - new map in wasteland near new vegas
  • 12 Quests
  • 2 Public events

You'll discover 20 new locations, complete 12 quests, take part in 2 public events, and explore 2 new daily ops locations and associated enemy groups.

The Skyline Valley stands out from other Fallout 76 regions. Its central location is overtaken by a strange, red storm-filled sky. Notably, the map is inspired by Virginia's Shenandoah National Park, with real landmarks recreated in a post-apocalyptic style.

fallout new vegas skyline valley

Threats and enemies

You'll come across new creatures like thrashers and pheasants as you explore the map. A new kind of ghoul, known as the Lost, is also introduced in the Skyline Valley region.

While some ghouls have turned feral, others are still armed with ranged weapons. They are unique due to this deadly combination. Some will charge at you and release static shock upon impact, and others will attack from a distance and deal some major damage.


Dangerous pastimes: In this event, you need to activate the power plant’s lightning harvester. Once you gather enough harvester parts, you must eliminate the incoming enemies. Some enemies will wear power armor and function more like boss enemies.

You can earn Skyline Valley-themed rewards from this event and 2 legendary weapons: the Terror LMG and the V63-BERTHA Tesla Rifle.

Neurological Warfare: It is triggered by nuking any place within the Skyline Valley area. There's a new boss fight where you have to battle these massive robots called storm goliaths above the neighborhood weather station. Furthermore, the remaining storm goliaths will become more powerful each time you kill one.

This event also offers a ton of fun rewards, which include 3 legendary weapons: the V63-OLGA Laser Rifle, the V63-HELGA Gatling Laser, and the Anchorage Ace 10mm SMG.

In conclusion, Fallout 76 has tons of new content with the Skyline Valley expansion. Players can explore a whole new area, battle intriguing enemy groups, take part in new events with amazing rewards, and complete a new questline. This expansion promises to offer both new and experienced players’ endless hours of playtime.


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