Best Throwing Knife Tier List

Best Throwing Knife Tier List - Cyberpunk 2077

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In this post, I would like to go through Best Throwing Knives in Cyberpunk 2077. Since the game's release, their use has been underwhelming and limited. This changed after the 2.0 patch release Throwing Knives received a huge overhaul. Now they are strong and offer one of the coolest-looking playstyles in Cyberpunk 2077.



Agaou Cyberpunk 2077

Although technically not a Throwing Knife, it is still a throwing weapon and widely accepted as a go-to weapon for these builds. What makes it special in my opinion is its electrical discharge effect that makes it the most effective weapon once loud combat starts.


knife stats cyberpunk 2077

The simplest Knife is the best option in my opinion. It has the highest headshot multiplier of 200% out of all throwable weapons. Moreover, you can slot in additional modifications to give some quality-of-life improvements - better accuracy, shorter return times, etc.



headhunter cyberpunk 2077

Amazing knife that I think should take the first and main slot of any throwing setup. This will mark the target that you can follow up with up to a 200% damage boost. The knife by itself has adequate stats and a good headshot damage multiplier.

Blue Fang

blue fang cyberpunk 2077

I was split with this one it's ranking. Personally, the effect is not that impressive in my opinion as either 1 or 3 seconds especially when using Sandevistan means nothing. It is effective against stronger foes like Elites or Cyberpsychoes.

Another drawback is its long return time. So if you are in a situation where your attack doesn't kill this requires you to wait at least 10 seconds, which is a lot on intense encounters.


stinger cyberpunk 2077

Can both Poison and Bleeding. This is perfect as a second knife as you will most likely use the Scorpion Sting perk icon cyberpunk 2077Scorpion Sting​ perk to apply poison. Following up with this throwing weapon will guarantee two damage over time effects.


Punknife cyberpunk 2077

A solid knife that has the shortest return times out of all throwables. It's a good alternative to have in the arsenal between other iconic weapons.


nehan cyberpunk 2077

This is an iconic throwing knife introduced with the 2.0 patch. It has a guaranteed Bleeding effect which is great. However, the second part of its Iconic modifier is somewhat wasted as I doubt you will be switching weapons that often to make use of it.



kaiken cyberpunk 2077

To be honest, nothing much to say about this one. Has adequate stats, although return time is a bit long.

Chef's Knife

chefs knife cyberpunk 2077

Besides having a high Bleed Chance, there is nothing much to add. It has a good headshot multiplier and adequate return time.


fang throwing knife cyberpunk 2077

Well made and cool-looking knife that you can obtain with Phantom Liberty DLC. The main problem with Fang is its low Headshot Damage multiplier. I understand that it is meant to be followed up with melee attacks, but I doubt you will do that very often.

Again, for a particular playstyle where you throw and follow up with melee attacks, it is amazing. However, if you are mostly throwing then this pales to the other options.


I don't think there is any weapon that warrants C Tier. All of them either offer some unique benefits or at least 150% headshot damage modifier which is enough to one-shot most of the grunts in the late game.

So you pick between these options that fit your playstyle the most.


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