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Netrunner locations - Cyberpunk 2077

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Netrunners are vendors throughout the game world that trade in various items useful for net running and quickhacking. Generally, you can buy these items from them:

  • Netrunner Clothing - it provides faster upload speeds and quickhack damage resistance
  • Quickhacks - premade quickhacks that you can instantly equip. However, they can be expensive
  • Quickhack recipes - allows crafting using quickhack components. This is a cheaper option but requires to gather materials

Some other things to note about finding particular items:

  • Netrunner inventory resets every 24 hours.
  • Quickhack locations are random, so if you are looking for something particular either visit multiple vendors or use the wait function.
  • Once you have a quickhack of that rarity it will no longer appear at vendors.


Netrunner (Kabuki)

netrunner kabuki cyberpunk 2077


Netrunner (Japantown)

Netrunner japantown cyberpunk 2077


Netrunner (Vista Del Rey)

For this one to appear you need to clear all NCPD scanner missions. Then wait a few days and it should appear on the map.

Netrunner (Vista Del Rey) cyberpunk 2077


Netrunner (Coastview)

netrunner coastview cyberpunk 2077


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