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Quickhacks Combo guide - Cyberpunk 2077

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With the release of 2.0 Update, using Quickhacks combos is essential in Cyberpunk 2077. Now, to get the most out of limited ammo and increased RAM costs, you need to be mindful of how and when to use it. Moreover, you can now easily create sick combos, that leave a group of enemies torn to pieces or have their cyberware friend without understanding what is happening. So Let's dig into how you can use Quickhacks and combo them.

Unlock the full Potential of Quickhacks

Quickhacks can be a challenge to use, especially once you see that they can cost 50% of your total RAM pool. I would like to walk you through some tips on how to best utilize combo quickhacks and make netrunner combat much more enjoyable.

Maximizing Combat Quickhack damage

At first, something like Overheat, Short Circuit, and similar ones may seem weak. And that is intended. We need to make a few corrections on how to use them. First, you will need an Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit perk, which grants a 60% damage boost. For it to activate you need to have the enemy be affected by non-combat quickhack.

This is fairly easy, but a few recommendations are:

Item Description
cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction One of the cheapest quickhacks. DIsables enemy cyberware increases damage against them, and stacks for stronger effects.
sonic shock cyberpunk 2077Sonic Shock It can isolate the target from the group and leave them easy picking for a fast kill. This will not activate tracing from Tier 3.
reboot optics cyberpunk 2077Reboot Optics Makes the enemy almost blind, making it easier to approach them and their shots miss.

So having one of these uploaded first will make you quickhacks already do much more damage.

Second, with Race Against MindRace Against Mind and OverclockOverclock, you can further boost the damage by sacrificing your HP when uploading Combat quickhack. The bonus is up to 50%.

Third, use correct Cyberdecks. For example, you can get a 40% damage boost with Tetratonic Rippler Mk.5 if you use a non-combat quickhack after a combat one. So again, you can follow up with the previously mentioned cheap options to further boost the damage. There are other cyberdecks that give bonus damage, but none of them provide this big.

Fourth, with Queue MasteryQueue Mastery we take one more damage boost by filling the whole quickhack queue (4 quickhacks). So what we can do is include all the previous points, and fill the queue like this:

  1. Sonic Shock/Cyberware Malfunction
  2. Any combat quickhack - Burnout Synapse, Short Circuit, etc.
  3. Cyberware Malfunction
  4. Cyberware Malfunction

And now you deal a huge chunk of damage. Although this is expensive to use, I will show some combos, which will make these easy to pull off once you are higher level. So let's dig into the combos

Contagion, Burns and Explosions.

Explosions are a good source of area of effect damage, that deal decent damage and can be very cheap to use. The easiest source is red containers found in the environment. You can either explode them with quickhacks or weapons. Be sure to have Warning: Explosion HazardWarning: Explosion Hazard to increase the damage of environment detonations.

gas tank initiate overload quickhack cyberpunk 2077

The next option is to create explosions yourself with quickhacks. Once you get Tier 4 Contagion, it can be detonated to create explosions. This is a very simple combo, that is easy to pull off and usually, base RAM will be enough. I also recommend taking PyromaniaPyromania and Warning: Explosion HazardWarning: Explosion Hazard​ perks as it works well with explosions and can further boost their damage.

Sequence Action Description
1 contagion cyberpunk 2077Contagion Setting up the combo, by releasing the poison from the quickhack. The quick hack will spread to other enemies creating even more confusion.
2 overheat cyberpunk 2077Overheat As you can see there are a ton of options for how you can set off these explosions. And as the Contagion spreads, you can create a second and third, if anyone is still alive. Just be aware, that weapons and Monowire, have a "chance to burn" meaning that some of them are not as effective. For example, Monowire has a 20% chance to burn, and its slow attack speed makes it a problematic choice.
monowire cyberpunk 2077Thermal Monowire
incendiary grenade cyberpunk 2077Incendiary Grenade
errata cyberpunk 2077Errata
Prototype Shingen Mark V cyberpunk 2077Prototype: Shingen Mark V

Explosions with Detonate Grenade

Now we can go a step further and incorporate Ultimate quickhack - Detonate Grenade. Into the sequence. Although it is expensive by itself, we can reduce its cost by creating additional explosions reducing its cost to 4 RAM.

Be sure to have a Warning: Explosion HazardWarning: Explosion Hazard​ perk for the highest damage bonus possible.

Sequence Action Description
1 Explosion Creating explosions from one of the sources that was mentioned earlier. This can be a red exploding container, grenade, or Contagion + Overheat combo.
2 Explosion
3 detonate grenade cyberpunk 2077Detonate Grenade We finish off any straggler with ultimate quickhack Grenade Detonation. It gets decreased RAM cost after 2 explosions.

netrunner build initiate overload combo cyberpunk 2077

Reboot Optics with Headshots

This is an effortless combo, that plays well with guns. This is especially useful with pistols, revolvers, and sniper rifles - weapons that are related to the Cool attribute tree and utilize headshots. Moreover, if you get Smart Weapons, with some perk upgrades they can constantly target for weak spots or heads.

Sequence Action Description
1 reboot optics cyberpunk 2077Reboot Optics Simple combo that enables +15% or 30% bonus damage with headshots based on Reboot Optics quickhack tier.
2 Headhosts or Weakspot Damage

You can take this a step further and add Cyberware Malfunction and Cripple Movement to the queue. The result is even more damage and disabling enemy cyberware so that it would be easier to hit.

Melee Finishers and Suicide

This is a very fun combo and you could say playstyle. Suicide has a unique combo with a melee finisher where each of them reduces RAM cost by 10. So a 24 RAM cost ultimate quickhack can only cost 4 RAM, making it instantly eliminate a foe


Action Description
2x Melee Finishers
A deadly combo, that encourages melee playstyle to fuel one of the most powerful ultimate quickhacks.
suicide cyberpunk 2077Suicide

This, of course, works with any weapon not only Monowire, but its finisher Finisher: Live WireFinisher: Live Wire also restores RAM allowing it to fuel the next set of quickhacks.

Electric Shocks - good for anything, especially robots

This combo is especially effective against Drones, Robots, and mechs. Moreover, I also use it against normal enemies, that I want to be deleted instantly without a big hassle. It's pretty straightforward, and we need Cyberware Malfunction with Short Circuit

Sequence Quickhack Description
1 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction Use it one or two times to weaken the enemy.
2 short circuit cyberpunk 2077Short Circuit Short Circuit will create a combo and deal additional damage. Moreover, this will also activate Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit

Burnout Synapse with Infinite Overclock

This is the most powerful combo that you can use to more or less never run out of RAM. For now, this looks to be the top combination of quickhacking in update 2.0. So what makes it powerful? Well, this is a combination of multiple perks and quickhacks. Let's go step by step

  1. OverclockOverclock allows to use HP instead of RAM for quickhacks
  2. Hack QueueHack Queue and Queue AccelerationQueue Acceleration allow uploading multiple quickhacks in succession
  3. Data RecyclerData Recycler returns 80% of RAM that has been used, so we are trading HP for RAM
  4. Finally, Blood DaemonBlood Daemon restores HP based on quickhacks in the queue, which we can be further used to fuel Overclock

This is just the part of it. The core of this combo is Burnout Synapse. It has unique effects, if you kill an enemy using it, the OverclockOverclock duration is extended by 5 seconds. As long as there are enemies you should be able to sustain it and use HP for Quickhack uploads.

So here are  recommended sequences based on the situation:

Most damage

Sequence Action Description
1 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction This activates Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit​ and Tetratronic Rippler's unique effects. Moreover, Cyberware Malfunction increases overall damage and disables cyberware. We leave two quickhacks at the end as they will restore 80 HP and return 80% of RAM.
2 burnout synapse cyberpunk 2077Burnout Synapse
3 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction
4 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction

Best when high-level in normal encounters

Sequence Action Description
1 burnout synapse cyberpunk 2077Burnout Synapse Once you get some good cyberware and can one-shot most of the enemies, using this one will net you the best results. You can recoup 120 HP from Blood DaemonBlood Daemon, at the cost of less damage, as now Embedded ExploitEmbedded Exploit​ will not activate. But this is perfect for simple enemies or in late-game normal encounters.
2 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction
3 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction
4 cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction


Stealth Takedowns and System Collapse

If you plan on using a stealth approach, this is an extremely useful combo. There are many cyberware and Intelligence perks that help you to reduce trace or give bonuses after takedowns. To exploit this fully, you should also have System Collapse's ultimate quickhack that instantly knocks out an enemy.

Action Description
2x Takedown
A stealth combo where you use silently killed enemies to fuel the System Collapse quickhack. It instantly knocks out the target with just 4 RAM costs.
system collapse cyberpunk 2077System Collapse

Stealth approach

I was skeptical of this myself, I thought stealth was not possible. But in fact, it is thanks to a specific quickhack - Sonic SHock.

  1. Get at least Tier 3 Sonic Shock. It will not allow enemies to communicate with enemies. Tier 4 is even better but has a higher RAM cost. The iconic version is the best but only available late game.
  2. OverclockOverclock is also welcome. On Very Hard, if there are multiple enemies the base RAM will not be enough.
  3. Upload your preferred combat quickhack. I recommend something that will destroy the enemy instantly - Short Circuit, Burnout Synapse, etc.

stealth netrunner system shcok cyberpunk 2077

Gun combat

In case you enter Gun Combat and want to maximize the effectiveness there are a lot of options. I would like to cover one of the simplest and most effective.

First, be sure to have a smart weapon, they target enemy weak spots and have a good synergy with some cyberdecks. Now, for quickhacks, I recommend using:

Item Description
cyberware malfunction cyberpunk 2077Cyberware Malfunction One of the cheapest quickhacks. DIsables enemy cyberware increases damage against them, and stacks for stronger effects.
overheat cyberpunk 2077Overheat Starts burning the enemy, but the most important effect is that it melts their armor and each shot against them gets bonus fire damage.
reboot optics cyberpunk 2077Reboot Optics Makes the enemy almost blind, making it easier to approach them and their shots miss. moreover, you deal bonus headshot damage.

You can use all of them together against strong enemies like cyberpsychos, easily destroying them in a matter of seconds with a weapon like Yinglong.


Thank you for reading the Quickhack Combo guide for Cyberpunk 2077. I hope this helped you immensely on how to utilize hacking for maximum combat results in load and stealth scenarios. If you found any combo that is not mentioned leave a comment below!

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