The Volatile Commander - Best Sentinel Titan Build

The Volatile Commander - Best Sentinel Titan Build - Destiny 2

By DogeProfessor
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This build will cover what I believe to be the best Sentinel Titan build that currently exists in Destiny 2. It provides an impressive combination of unparalleled survivability and raw destructive power. I will not be detailing Seasonal perk options to keep this build evergreen.




Ability Icon

Ability Name


Towering Barricade Due to our aspects' nature, the barricade's recharge speed doesn't matter, so we're taking Towering Barricade for the increased area covered.

Strafe Lift This is purely preference, I prefer Strafe but you can use High Lift or Catapult Lift if you want.

Shield Throw We're taking Shield throw because it is an instant-use Melee that we can utilize from range.

Vortex Grenade Vortex Grenade has fantastic synergy with our Aspects and fragments Controlled Demolition and Echo of Provision.

Ward of Dawn Easily the second-best super in the game. provides amazing survivability, and a damage boost, and it recharges your grenade on casting.


Aspect Icon

Aspect Name


Bastion Bastion provides Void Overshields on demand. It is easily one of the best survivability tools in the game. This makes our barricade have a fixed cooldown which is why we take Towering Barricade.

Controlled Demolition This applies Volatile to any enemy we hit with either an ability or a Volatile explosion, which allows for some insane explosion chaining for impressive mob clearing. It also grants our Volatile explosions health regen for us and our allies.


Fragment Icon

Fragment Name


Echo of Undermining This makes our grenades weaken any enemies which let us do 15% more damage to them.

Echo of Remnants This makes our Vortex grenade last longer.

Echo of Provision This gives us melee energy whenever our grenade damages an enemy.



Gear Icon

Gear Name


Witherhoard Witherhoard is a straightforward great special weapon, it has good area damage, and can provide extra damage when using a Heavy weapon. It's amazing, use it.

Funnelweb This is my preferred primary, get a roll you like and mow through some Hive with this bullet hose. Or any other primary you prefer.

Fire and Forget My go-to Heavy atm is the Fire and Forget, it's solid damage and is extremely easy to use, point at their heads and fire.

Heart of Inmost Light This is the single best Titan Exotic, it allows incredible ability uptime. Try and get a good stat roll and use it.

Armor Mods

I will not be detailing stat mods, that is up to you to figure out what's best for your armor stats.

Armor Piece

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3


Harmonic Siphon

Ashes to Assets

Elemental Ordinance


SMG Loader

Bolstering Detonation

Well of Tenacity


Melee Resistance

LFR Reserves

Seeking Wells




Melee Wellmaker

Titan Mark



Bountiful Wells


  • So the goal of this build is simple, it's to cycle abilities to become an unstoppable gestalt of Void light.
  • Try to start fights with your Barricade to get yourself a Void Overshield which also buffs your melee and grenade damage due to Heart of Inmost Light.
  • Try to use your grenade on clumps of enemies to do big Volatile chains, and also use it on bosses to debuff them.
  • Throw in some Shield Throws whenever you need them to make an enemy volatile or to gain some more Void Overshield. 
  • If you need to secure a revive, save yourself from death, or want to deal some big damage on a boss, then pop your Ward of Dawn, it is versatile and will save you from death.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading this build. If you play Destiny then I know you know Lightfall will be dropping in less than two weeks and as a result of that you're wondering why I posted this. The simple answer is I am working on getting some practice with Article writing cause I'm going to be going hard on build-making when Lightfall drops. So look forward to more builds from me and as I already said, thanks for reading.



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