Explanation of persuasion checks - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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I had hard time understanding on how persuasion works, but after some testing and reading I can easily explain it now.

There are 5 levels of persuasion checks difficulty:

  • Always

  • Easy

  • Normal

  • Hard

  • Impossible

Now we can leave out the first and the last as "Always" means it will always pass the checks, doesn't matter what your stats are. The reverse is for "impossible" where you will always fail, doesn't matter what attributes or talents you have.

Difficulty check impact:

  • Easy - lowers threshold by 1

  • Normal - doesn't affect the threshold

  • Hard - increases the threshold by 1


Now let's take a situation with Magister Ranger:

Divinity 2 Magister Ranger dialogue

The general calculation is:

  1. We take the threshold value of the persuasion let's assume it is 4

  2. You choose what attribute persuasion to use and if you attribute is higher by 2 (you have wits 24) compared to NPC (it has 22) the threshold value is lowered by 1. We choose Wits Persuasion

  3. The difficulty of persuasion option is evaluated: If wits persuasion is easy we lower the threshold by 1.

  4. So the end result is 4-1-1 = 2. This means that you would need to have the Persuasion talent leveled to 3 to pass this check

How to know the threshold?

Unfortunately, without getting into game files it is hard to know what is. But you get help after failing persuasion where the game informs you: "Persuasion Failure! Your Persuasion: 2, Needed: 4"

Sadly, you would then need to reload the game which in a way breaks the immersion if you want to pass this check

Please tell if anything was missed


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