Is Persuasion civic ability worth it?

Is Persuasion civic ability worth it? - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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The next skill I will be talking about is Persuasion. Generally this skill allows you to increase threshold needed to persuade NPCs in certain scenarios. You can read more on that here:

Also persuasion helps with increasing your opinion with other NPCs. This means that you can get a trading discount of 1% for each 5 attitude points you have on a merchant.

When should you have this skill?

Generally you should be investing into this skill if you want to find some additional treasures, open up new dialogue options, skip some fights, etc. It also helps with pet pal talent where you get access to new quests and open up some options to skip or get help with tedious tasks.

So generally I would recommend on having this if you have your first run or you are doing 100% run to maximize your rewards

My opinion

Personally I would use this skill if you use The Red Prince as a main char (who has talent Spellsong). However, if you do not want that you should still invest into it on your main character who will be doing most interactions.

However, the interesting thing with persuasion, sometimes outcomes may be worse if you want to maximize your XP or loot. The reason for that is that you may skip some fights. Due to this on my second play through I skipped this skill


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