Finding Mody's Playhouse - Mody Treasure - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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Finding Mody

During the start of Act 1 - Fort Joy level, you will reach a cave with Elves. There you will find a child Mody. Play with him a game of hide and seek. Once you win the game he will guide you and show you his friend. It will be Withermore.

Then you can help Withermore by pulling out the spear. You can then talk with Mody and he will reward you with another quest to find Mody's Playhouse. This is a secret location with a treasure.

The treasure

You can easily find Mody's treasure chest in the deeper cave level. Check out this map where the Mody playhouse is found:

mody secret chest divinity 2

To reach the treasure I can give these tips: have a teleport type spell or skill like Teleport, Tactical Retreat, Phoenix Dive, etc.

You will get some random loot from the treasure chest, additional XP for finishing the quest and finding the secret. Hope this will help you in Divinity Original Sin 2 full Frot Joy exploration


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