Is Telekinesis civic ability worth it?

Is Telekinesis civic ability worth it? - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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This one is a tough one. Personally I think this is one of the most useless Civic skills. It does not bring many direct benefits. So let me cover the details about it

What does telekinesis do?

This civic ability allows you to move objects from afar: level 1 - 4 meters, level 2 - 8 meters, etc. You can move barrels and other items around to change the layout of the battleground a bit. You can also move heavy objects around, disregarding their weight.

You can use telekinesis during the battle for 2 AP

The problems

I invested some points to this skill however, what I found is that usually the chests can be reached with other skills which teleport you. There were only a few cases during my whole playthrough where this was useful.

I also did not see the point of blocking things during the battle as it is much more important CC your opponents.


Now there is one interesting aspect of Telekinesis. It can move the heaviest objects. This means that you can use really heavy objects to hit enemies or NPCs and kill them instantly (if the chest for example contains huge amount of barrels or other heavy items).

However, in my opinion this should be done more for fun as it seems to be rather gamey and exploitative of the game mechanics.


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