Is Thievery worth it? Guide to farming gold

Is Thievery worth it? Guide to farming gold - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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Is Thievery worth it? Guide to making a lot of money

Being a thief in this game is probably the most profitable Civic ability (Lucky charm is also good, but with this skill you can get lumps of golds fast). However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Picking locks

  • Higher Thievery skill allows to steal more loot

  • You can only rob NPC once.

  • You should rob merchants

  • Tactically placing your companions to interact with NPCs is a key to success

The explanation will cover these points in more details as I go.

Lock picking

This is fairly simple, you need thievery to unlock chests, doors, etc. It will not open sarcophaguses, because you will need strength for those (18+).

Moreover, if you have undead character like Fane, he can open locks with his fingers, which saves you a ton of pick locks during the game

Leveling Thievery

Now the important part is to get your thievery as high as possible. Why do you need that? Higher levels of thievery allow you to steal items worth of more gold and your total loot can be heavier. For example:

Level 1 – 2kg and 300 gold

Level 2 – 4kg and 450 gold

Level 5 – 10kg and 3800 gold

As you see the amounts increase drastically if you invest into the skill to level 5.

At the beginning of the game, when you are in Fort Joy this may not be possible (you will probably have Thievery of level 2). Now as you reach level 6 and beyond, you will start getting items with Thievery skill:

Divinity 2 thievery gloves

Divinity 2 thievery belt

Save these items and keep them in your inventory. You should put on these items when you reach a town with traders or meet traders in the wild. I managed to have Thievery of 5 at Sanctuary of Amadia. This allowed me to rob everything from the merchants and make some sweet gold.

Once you are don’t with your endeavor change items to what you use to fight enemies and you are ready to go.


Once you are ready with the gear, you can start to do some thievery. The important thing to keep in mind is that you can only rob NPC once per character. This is an important aspect which we will cover later.

Try to position yourself close to the target and use your companions to talk with any passerby’s so that they would not detect you. If they do pickpocketing will fail and you cannot interact with NPC again. The same happens if NPC walks off too far away from you. Also if you have free companion use it to talk with your target, as then you can be ready to run with your whole party as NPC will not start checking around until you finish talking.

In the picture below you see that in the first circle on the left Lohse is talking with Duggan to take of his attention. While Fane has safe space behind Gratiana. I did not use npc to talk with Gratiana because she does not move and only prays.

Divinity 2 Thievery tactics

Once you close the thievery screen (and close dialogue with NPC if you did one) you can run away as fast as possible and far away. Wait half a minute and you can come back as NPC will change his attention to what he was doing before.

Tell how you thievery endeavors go!


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