Things to do before leaving Fort Joy - Act 1 Checklist - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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This post will cover all the main things that you should do before you leave Fort Joy. After you leave it this will conclude Act 1. So be sure to check the list to complete all the things. It took a while for me to find all the details and I hope this will help:

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Done Name Information
Fort Joy Arena The area near Griff NPC has a secret entrance that you can use to go down.
Companions quests At least the ones which you plan to have in your party
Gargoyle Maze -
Braccus Rex Tower -
Amadia Sanctuary Hidden Cave Contains Soul Jars
Saving Black Cat If you manage to keep it alive. However, you do not lose anything important if it dies
Braccus Tyrant Armor Set Collet all the pieces of the armor set.
Winter Dragon Encounter -
Saving Withermoore Quest -
Pickpocket all the traders Do this if you have the appropriate civic ability for maximum gold.
Captain's Armor Set Gift of Bag update
Devourer's Gloves Gift of Bag update
Seeds of Power Ship Northside of the map with Magisters on it

Hope this will help those that are completionists before moving to Act 2.

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