A Web of Desire quest - Dorotya - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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This is a great quest to increase some of your stats permanently. However, it comes with a drawback - each choice costs 2 constitution

The idea is that you need to prove your "worth" to Dorotya. This can be easily done by telling that you are Fort Joy arena champion:

Dorotya prove you are champion

After a few other dialogue options you will be able to select the reward which you want to get from her:

Dorotya reward options

Each of the options gives these rewards:

Choice Reward Cost
...a towering oak withstanding +2 Strength Constitution -2
...a quill made from a swan +2 Intelligence
...a golden chest covered 2000 Gold
...a stately dragon +2 Wits
...a blue butterfly crawling from its chrysalis Glowing Idol of Rebirth

Looking at the rewards gold for a golden chest seems to be useless as for 2000 gold you lose 2 constitution which is ridiculous.

However, based on your stats and build these can be good rewards. Personally, I used this reward for my mage to increase intelligence and raise my damage output.

Glowing Idol of Rebirth is an item that resurrects you instantly once you die. With full hp. It can then be crafted with the Ashen Idol of Rebirth + Resurrection scroll. This is much better than the Resurrection scroll, as it only costs one AP to craft it and use it during combat.

Additional information

  • Quest can be done on each of your character. each character gains 5000 XP.
  • You can also kill Dorotya, which will only give you 4000 XP but will also drop some loot and Ashen Idol of rebirth - used to craft Glowing Idol of Rebirth.
  • If you will kill her do it after all your companions finished the quest
  • If you are undead Dorotya will ask you to turn into any other race
  • The received Spider's Kiss talent cannot be removed in any way even with Magic Mirror
  • To maximize the rewards, you can kill her after each of your characters interacts with her. Or you used up all the characters you wanted to take the perks.
  • The Idol of Rebirth can be pickpocketed from Dorotya




Looks like the Golden Idol of rebirth option is only available to the first character completing the quest. Only the first 4 options for ability changes are available to the next characters.

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