Eating Garvan head and getting Liam reward - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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So if you want to eat Garvan head, to get the additional bartering and also not to betray Liam there is a trick.

Once you gill Garvan get his head. You can kill him in many ways:

  • Use stew + Void fish to create poisoned stew and give it to him.

  • Use Nether Swap to swap Garvan with one of your allies standing in the alley and attack him as soon as possible

  • Or use Teleport to teleport him to the alley and attack.

Now after you have the head go to Liam. Make the character which has bartering skill use Mask of Shapeshifter to turn to elf.

Now start conversation with Liam with another character and stop before this dialogue:

Divinity 2 hand over Garvan's head

Stop here and change to the character which has turned to elf and eat the head:

Eating Garvan head

And once this done go back to the character talking with Liam and hand over Garvan's head:

Divinity 2 Liam thanking

Congratulations, not only you helped the dead dwarven trader, but also increased your bartering skill permanently


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