Zanisima the Scientist - best way to deal with her - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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When you meet her in Wrecker’s Cave you will learn that she works on some things which are not pleasant:

Divinity 2 Zanisima

Personally, even if I roleplay these things are hard to pass by. I would like to share how you can maximize your returns out of this encounter

  1. Let Ifan and Beast talk with her if you have him in your group. Later you can use Beast to persuade her, in case your persuasion is too low

  2. Now if you have a character with high thievery rob all items

  3. Respec other characters to high thievery and steal everything from Zanisima. You should be bringing about 4-5K out of each robbery

  4. Once you are done, you can dispose of her for all the bad things she has been doing



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