Shadow of Driftwood - maximise loot and XP - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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Shadow of Driftwood is a major quest in Act 3, Reaper’s Coast. It is also quite lengthy. I would like to explain how you can maximize your xp gain from this quest.

  1. Obtain “Letter to Mordus” from his house underground cellar. Do not do with it anything yet

  2. In the Wrecker’s Cave explore first portion of the cave

  3. After you get separated join your party with Pyramids (this is the fastest and easiest way)

  4. Explore everything in the second portion of the cave and leave the area to third part of the cave where Mordus is present.

  5. When fighting Mordus first kill his companions. Even though he will transform, with some knockdowns, chicken claw and freezing you should be able to take him down. If you kill him first, his companions will die and you will miss out on additional XP

  6. Now search the rest of the cave and find the hatch which is opened with Mordus amulet. Inside after you loot dwarven corpse and trigger trap, you will be attacked by a Shark and 4 crabs. First kill the crabs and then teleport the Shark on the ground to kill him instantly. Easy and fast XP

  7. Now go to Lohar and before speaking to him, drop “Letter from Dwarven Queen” and “letter to Mordus” on the ground.

  8. When talking with him tell that you have managed to kill Mordus and use the amulet as the proof. This will reward you a nice chunk of xp and a crazy two hander hammer.

  9. Here comes the trick, pick the letters from the ground, leave one of your party members in Lohar room and go to Julian. You need to leave the party member, so that the NPCs would not leave to undertavern, where you would be attacked by all NPCs in there.

  10. Get back to Lohar’s room, position your party accordingly and start talking with Lohar. Choose the option which aggros him. This will net you some good xp. Be sure not to let any npc escape his room

  11. Once you finish the fight take Lohar’s head back to Julian and get your additional reward.

This is a good way to maximise your gains if you do not mind the role playing part


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