A Taste of Freedom quest - maximum rewards - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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A taste of Freedom is fairly unique quest with some twists. It makes you think morally about your choices. However, for those who are maximizing the quest gains there are some choices which leave you reminiscing your decisions.

Start of the quest

To start the quest you need to find hidden skull in Mordus house:

Divinity 2 Mordus house skull

There are two ways to open it:

  • Lockpick the skull

  • Get the gem from Wrecker’s Cave after the fight with Mordus

Pressure plate puzzle

You will need the Spirit Vision to see the layout needed to solve the puzzle. It will require you to stand and trigger five plates. You will also need a help of the vase. Here is the solution below:

Divinity 2 Mordus house plate puzzle

First encounter

In the next room you will meet The Lich, talk with him. After that, click the green button and free him. Now the fight will start with some skeletons which will appear from the vases around the room.

Now after the fight talk with him and ask him for reward, of skillbook which you think you would need the most

Second encounter

Now you will meet him Cloisterwood, near dwarven caravan, feasting on dead bodies:

Divinity 2 Lich Cloisterwood

To maximize your rewards, choose options which attacks him. Kill the summoned dwarves and finish last the Lich. This will net you maximum amount of experience After the fight let him live and set free.

Third encounter

You will meet him at the altar in Cloisterwood:

Divinity 2 Cloisterwood Altar

The important part here is to let him finish the ritual. Once it is done he will summon his soul jar and you will get access to Xhaxh’s cache. Now once he takes his jar attack him. This may not work the first time but try it a few times and time it right.

Now finish Xhaxh first and his parasitic hearts. This will net you the maximum amount of XP and the biggest rewards. You will also loot his powerful staff: "Xhaxh's Staff of Parasitic Decay"

I felt some remorse after doing the quest like this, however, you need that sweet XP


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