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Essential mods

I have two playthroughs with Divinity 2 and now I am doing a third one. Over the course I have found which of the things really irritate me and would like to share how they can be improved without breaking the game too much.

Gift of Bag mods

  • Enhanced Spirit Vision – I think this is the greatest quality of life improvement that Gift of Bag brings. For pc you already had permanent spirit vision mod. But now you can also use it on Consoles. This addition allows you to permanently have spirit vision and not cast it constantly, so that you would miss on some important NPC dialogues and quests

  • Fort Joy Magic Mirror – This is amazing mod which allows you to respect at the beginning of the game. The issue there is that usually you do not have in mind which specific talents, attributes or skills you will take. So if you make a mistake this is an easy remedy

  • Endless Runner – makes your character and companions run faster in non-combat. Saves a lot of time

  • Sourcerous Sundries – this mod is tricky you could say that it impacts the game too much. But personally for me there are really amazing unique items at low level which I would still like to carry to higher levels. This solves that issue and allows to upgrade those items at a reasonable price.

  • Source Meditation – I would activate this mod once I am level 16+. At that time draining source from corpses becomes mandatory and it takes too much time. This solves that time sink and lets you enjoy game more

General Mods

That is all of what I suggest. Any mods you used that are not listed here?


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