Best rewards - No Way Out quest - Divinity: Orignal Sin 2

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Walk through

This is a short quest found in Black Pits area. I think it is fairly easy to miss some of the steps which may result in some missed xp for you.

First you will meet some magisters near the burning house:

Divinity 2 burning house

Before starting the quest I would also suggest to clear out the magisters near the gate. This way it will be easier to fight the ones near the house later on + you will get additional XP:

Divinity 2 gate guard

Now for “No Way Out Quest”:

  1. When you talk with them convince that you can handle the situation.

  2. Once in the cellar convince Owin to give his sword (if you have scholar) and ask him to leave only when it is safe

  3. Once you leave the cellar, magisters will talk with. Use another character to attack them.

  4. Kill them for bonus XP. If you have not killed guards at the gates, try to avoid the fight moving near there.

  5. Talk with Owin

The quest is done. However, I have alternative path, before you start the fight

Bonus trick

Once you leave the house, while one character is talking, take other three characters to the cliff near the cemetery, as it overlooks the burning house. Be sure to have “Teleport” skill:

Divinity 2 No Way out Teleport

Now you can teleport Magisters on by one and kill them easily in 3 vs 1 fights.


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