Best Mods and Mod Installation

Best Mods and Mod Installation - Dragon Age 2 (DA2)

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I think every time you play a game like Dragon Age you wonder are there good mods?

This post will concentrate on explaining how to install mods, which ones to get, and where.

Mod installation

Dragon Age 2 gives an easy option to install the mods. Generally, most of them follow these steps:

  1. Download the file (usually a zip). Mainly files have an extension of .erf or .gda
  2. Find the document files for Dragon Age 2. The usual path on Windows is: /Documents/ BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override
  3. Extract the files to the override folder.
  4. In case you need to install remove those files.

Important! I also recommend reading the instructions on the mod page. Some of the mods may have special steps need to install them

Best Dragon Age 2 Mods

 I will concentrate on mods that have minimal impact on the gameplay and do not make you overpowered. I personally enjoy the vanilla experience.

Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD

This mod greatly improves the textures by making them have a higher resolution. Moreover, this also changes the art style. So try it out and decide if it fits your imagining of the Dragon age world

This mod changes textures for almost everything, however, you will need a video card with 2 GB+ rams for maximum enjoyment. I think for modern PCs this should not be a problem.

You can download the mod here

No more Bloody Teeth

I do not think this one has a large impact on the overall experience. However, it improves the immersion by removing the blood on the character’s teeth after each fight.

No more bloody teeth Dragon age 2

This usually ruins the cutscenes that follow after where instead of listening to the characters you look at their bloody teeth. It is a small change, but I definitely recommend this one.

You can download the mod here

No Follower Auto Level

This is the small quality of life mod. What it does, is that when a new companion joins your group its abilities and attributes are not allocated.

This can save you from buying Maker’s Sigh and you can maximize companions like Sebastian, Merrill, Isabella, etc. damage output early in the game.

The result is you can choose how to build companions early on, they are much stronger and you can set up better tactics

You can download the mod here

Faster Runspeed

I think this is mandatory and the most important mod out of all. It allows Hawke or the Champion to move much faster. This does a few important things:

  • Makes exploration faster
  • Waste less time tracking back

I only recommend the option that makes the speed faster only out of combat as otherwise, you will have an unfair advantage against enemies and companions.

You can download the mod here

Backpack Mod - Inventory Increase

I definitely recommend this mod. After a few playthroughs, I understand how tedious inventory space can be.

It makes you angry, that your inventory is full because you forgot to sell junk after the last mission. The backpack mod with Merchant Backpacks version decreases the chance of this happening.

Another important aspect is that you need to buy the additional bags, which seems fair.

You can download the mod here

Unique Face Textures for Companions

This is more of an optional mod. I suggest checking out the images that the creator uploaded. Based on that you can decide if the mod is for you.

Unique companion faces dragon age 2

I personally prefer this as it gives a breath of fresh wind to the experience after numerous playthroughs I had with this game. Moreover, it modernizes the character's looks.

You can download the mod here

Bugfixes and improvements

Here is a list of some minor mods that fix and improve various quests and areas in the game. They do not change anything drastically but provide small changes that make the game much more immersive. They are also perfect for first-time play. Kudos to Urosh Uchiha#0242


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. This should explain all you need to know for the best mods in Dragon Age 2 and how to install them.

Feel free to share your thoughts on what mods you find to be the best



very good curation of mods

been replaying the series i love your builds so much! thank you <3

Nice! Thank you, feel free to join me on discord if you have any questions

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