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Best Class Tierlist - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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I would like to share my best Class Tier list for the Inquisitor specifically. So it should help you decide which class to pick for your main character. However, this touches just the surface of Dragon Age Inquisition builds and for a more serious Tier List check my Build Specialization tier list.

S Tier
A Tier
B Tier

I want to add some explanations and I will mainly cover Class aspects. However, many things change when you include specializations as these give them an edge in different combat situations.



Just Warrior alone gets access to some very powerful talents that give him huge versatility. First, you get Horn of Valour, which is a game-changer for party survivability. With just it, the early game can become a cakewalk, as you will greatly reduce the risk of your party dying.

Second, you two-handed talent tree. These actions are very powerful and something like Pommel Strike can just outright perma-stun strong enemies through the whole encounter.

Another aspect is that Warrior can still be somewhat of a tank thanks to the access to Warcry and Challenge talents. So Vanguard tree is important if you need any kind of protection.

Now this is not all, there is a silly action Combat Roll. This is probably the strongest warrior action, that can trivialize multiple fights throughout the game.

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A Tier


This is an extremely versatile class, that can be effective from the early game. It gets access to Stealth allowing it to avoid enemy attacks. Moreover, it has plenty of good attacks giving it options to approach combat differently.

Rogue also shines at the hands of player control as this is when you can get behind enemies and get that sweet flanking damage bonus.

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Okay, this might come as strange, but I have my reasons. Mages by themselves are kind of squishy, they also mainly shine thanks to their specializations. This is where the core of their power comes as depending on your choice you can become extremely sturdy or be a master of control.

Still, it has plenty of ways to deal damage, and something like Fire Mine can just insta-kill multiple enemies with a single cast. Still, if we are talking without specializations I found mage a bit lackluster compared to other classes.

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