Things to do before "In Your Heart Shall Burn" quest? - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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Unfortunately, not to spoil anything Haven will be your temporary base. And you will leave it once you start In Your Heart Shall Burn quest. This is the end of the Act 1. The important part for you to do is not to miss some things.

Here is the list of them:

  • In Hinterlands do not forget to visit Templar Camp and rebel Mage Headquarters. The quests are called: Templars to the West and Apostates in WItchwood.

  • Do quests from Haven characters: blacksmith, alchemist, quartermaster and mother Giselle. They give some small rewards, xp and explain the most important game mechanics.

  • Talk with Leliana one time, near the church. After that there will be short scene where a messenger arrives. After this talk with her the second time (or after you come back from another area). The second dialogue will have big impact on the end of th game.

  • Take logging station from Haven it can be found in the north: DAI logging camp haven

  • Recruit Belle on your first visit to Val Royeaux

  • Do all War table missions or at least have them started before the quest. Some of them are really long. Others you get after specific interactions with companions. This leads to the last point.

  • Take all companions, and then have a talk with them at Haven this will unlock additional War table missions. Dorian or Cole will be taken based on which quests you do before

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