Northern Hunter - Crestwood dragon fight guide

Northern Hunter - Crestwood dragon fight guide - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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Northern Hunter is a dragon that you will encounter in Crestwood after you activate the Dam. His location is at the bottom of the map near the Fereldan Wyvern statues:

DAI northern hunter locationPreparation

  • Electrical Resistance Tonics are nice to have active throughout the fight

  • An alternative could be a Regeneration potion to constantly have hp regenerating

  • Have dispel spell which can be used to remove electric rings

  • If available craft spirit runes and use them in your, as the dragon is weak to spirit damage

  • Have two-three ranged characters in the party. It will be easier to manage dragon attacks

  • Electricity resistance on equipment may help but is not necessary in my opinion

  • Weapons should be dealing physical, fire, ice damage.

The dragon fight progress

Have your party members spread out and keep their distance from the dragon. The tank should be the only one staying close to him. You can use him to jump over his hand attacks. Moreover, you can easily outrun Northern hunter breath attacks, in a way that don’t damage the party

Lightning attacks

The dragon will get on his fours, roar and you will see purple circles below your party members:

DAI Norhtern Hunter lightning

This is your signal to keep your party members away from each other. As after a second a lightning circle will appear on each character:

DAI lightning circles DragonThey will deal minor damage, however, if party members stand close the damage will be multiplied.

During vortex (where he plants his feet to the ground with metal sounds) attack move your party members close to the dragon into the wind circle. Fairly simple. However, if you have lightning circles when this happens, be ready to position your party correctly:

Northern Hunter lightning circle attack

General fight flow

As there are no phases in this fight, keeping your distance with ranged characters, not using lightning skills and staying with decent health. Should allow you to beat him.

In case a party member dies, only resurrect him when you have no lightning circle below you. Otherwise, he will die (if he will not be fast enough to use the potion), due to tick damage.

Congratulations, if you managed to beat him. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any difficulties beating him.


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