Legit ways to farm gold fast - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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The easiest ways to make gold in Dragon Age inquisition is to either use Skyhold chest glitch or normal chest save reload.

However, in my run I wished to avoid that and do it in a legit way. For this I tried to find methods that would help. And I found only a few decent ones.

Snowfleur pelt and skin farming

In Emprise Du Lion, near the starting camp there is a frozen pond:

Emprise du lion gold farming spot

Running around it will make Snowfleurs spawn indefinitely. You only need few hits to kill them and they drop 2-10 pelts.

Farily easy but boring. Few tips:

  • Lower game difficulty if it takes more a few hits to kill the Snowfleurs

  • Use a ranged character or companions

  • Use Disengage button to sheath your weapon faster. This way to can get to the next group much faster than running with your weapon out

  • Also, use "Attack" command for companions before you reach the Snowfleur to loot its body

  • Be careful of the far west part of the farm area. Large Bear appears there and can take a while to kill

  • On PC use auto-loot mod (I think this is mandatory quality of life feature)

High level items and unique equipment

You can get some high level loot from The Descent dlc. Sell them for hefty price.

Moreover, some of the accessories, especially purple ones, can be useless for your party or builds. You gain them from dungeons, dragon encounters and quests:

  • Superior Potions Belt - I did not need it, because it doesn't give health potions. They are much more helpful on Nightmare than other ones

  • Superior Belt of Focus - never had a problem generating Focus even on Nightmare difficulty. Easy 2000 Gold

Selling these types of items will give you a decent amount of gold. use it to buy schematics or materials from The Black Emporium

I will update if I find any more methods

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