Strategy to defeat Gamordan Stormrider

Strategy to defeat Gamordan Stormrider - Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI)

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You will encounter this Dragon in Exalted Plains. It is a lightning dragon with most of the mechanics already seen

Dragon status

  • The Dragon is invulnerable to lightning. In this case, any other element works

  • He is weak to Spirit damage. Weapons with Spirit runes will come in handy. However, they are not mandatory.

  • There will be water that can be electrified with Gamordan lightning breath attack and deals damage over time

How to fight him?

When starting the fight I suggest to use companion and your Focus abilities. This can deal tremendous damage and give time to position your party in the way shown below

Normal phases - the dragon is on the ground

  • Have each of your characters “hold positions” on the available land: either small islands or the mainland, both works.

Gamordan Stormrider strategy

  • Use your tank with Warcy and Challenge to keep the dragon's attention. Jump through his claws attacks. Go under the dragon when a lightning breath attack is being used. Always maintain your Guard or have a Barrier on yourself.

  • Keep constantly moving around with the warrior as lightning bolt attacks will hit hard, unless you have decent lightning resistance

  • The rest of the companions should be ranged users attacking from the back.

  • IMPORTANT! Avoid standing in the water with tank and other companions, because Gamordan lightning breaths will electrify water dealing DOT damage.

Flight phases

Gamordan Stormrider stragey flight phase

  • The Gamordan Stormrider will lift up at 66% and 33% hp. She will circle around shooting lightning balls.

  • When you see the lightning coming your way just move your party to another position.

Rest of the fight

There are no major mechanics, except the whirlwind and his leg attacks. When you see him stand into a four-leg position to create the whirlwind just move your party members closer. Even if they get hit, that should maximum be 1-2 hits


Hope you will manage to beat him and get some sweet loot. Leave your experiences in the comments!


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