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Best DAO modlist - Dragon Age: Origins (DAO)

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This post will cover the best mods for Dragon Age Origins. They are an important aspect in almost any game. Why would you use them?

  • They fix multiple bugs that may be left by developers
  • They enrich the game world with minor environment changes
  • They add a breath of fresh air to the game if you played it multiple times
  • It adds quality of life improvements, where you can save lots of time

Dragon Age Origins Vanilla mods

Here I would like give a list of DAO mods that do not break the vanilla experience, but rather improve it by a large margin

  1. Lock Bash - I was a bit in doubt whether this mod should be used. But after seeing that there is a chance that the items may be lost, it provided optimal risk/reward for me.

  2. Forced Deathblows - This mod adds some spice to the combat by often providing death kills. I use the Lieutenant file.

  3. FTG Quickbar - I am playing on an Ultrawide QHD screen, so it is good to have use for that big screen space.

  4. FTG UI Mod - same as above, the character and skill screens were hard to read. This mode gave a decent improvement.

  5. Dragon Age Rules Fixpack - I removed most of the tweaks because I thought they would impact the vanilla game too much.

  6. Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack - mod with a huge list of fixes, I could say it is something similar to Skyrim Unofficial patch.

  7. DLC in Awakening and Awakening Fixes - More fixes. It also allows moving some of Dragon Age Origins DLCs to Awakening expansion.

  8. Theta HD - some textures, to create some new looks.

  9. White Teeth - this mod fixes a particular problem. That is bloody teeth after fights. This looks unnatural and for some people irritating. I definitely recommend trying it out.
  10. Improved Atmosphere - This one is tricky, I followed the manual to install only those parts which add new animations, companion dialog changes, scripts, and conversation improvements.

  11. Auto Loot - I think this is a very great quality of life mod. It saves lots of time and picks loot automatically. However, be careful with it on your first playthrough as it may confuse you a lot when collecting quest items.
  12. 4 GB patch - this mod allows increasing the maximum amount of ram that the game can use. This will make the game much more stable

Dragon Age origins - other mods

  1. Universal Dye Kit - allows to dye armor colors. This is a perfect mod to bring fresh air to the old armors that you may have seen many times.
  2. Skip the Fade - this is an amazing mod. Personally, I do not enjoy this part of the game. Thanks to this mod you skip the tedious part of the game. Moreover, you get all the attribute points.
  3. Madd Gift Guide - I recommend this mod for a second playthrough. This highlights for which companion the gift is intended. When playing the first time it is fun to test and guess the perfect fit.
  4. No Helmet Hack - this mod is for those that would like to see the Grey Warden's hair instead of a helmet.
  5. Alley of Murders - give this one a shot. It gives some new side quest content. To start the mod you need to enter Denerim Market District or reenter it if you are already there

I would like to hear what is your suggested modlist for DAO, or what I could add to improve the game



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