Main tactics for beating Flemeth

Main tactics for beating Flemeth - Dragon Age: Origins (DAO)

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Flemeth may be your first major encounter and a first fight with a Dragon in Dragon Age Origins. Generally to make the fight really easy you would need specific party composition. However, it is usually not the case for players. So I will try to cover general tips on how to effectively counter her. I fought her at level 12, but the fight becomes drastically easier once you reach level 14 and obtain second specialization

  • Position your ranged characters as far away as possible. One of the options could be near the on the lower ground or at the edge of the lake.

  • For archers set up so that they would use high damage attacks, for example: Shattering Shot and Pinning Shot.

  • Buff your fire resistance, you can use some balms, especially on the character which will constantly be hit with Fire Spit.

  • Having Shale as a tank is an interesting composition, because he cannot be grabbed by Flemeth.

  • Don’t use any fire spells on her (this should be obvious), as you will waste your mp

  • Cone of Cold can freeze Flemeth, so position your mage correctly and you can hit her from time to time to get some easy hits on her

  • An underhanded trick can be used to setup Frost traps on the hill before the fight.

Here are my tips which I think will allow you do deal with her without changing the party composition too much.


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