Spells that you can cast with your weapon drawn - Dragon Age: Origins (DAO)

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For those that do Arcane warrior build, the important part is being able to cast spells while wearing heavy armor. Moreover, you will probably use a sword. When using melee weapons not all spells can be cast while it is drawn.

If a spell cannot be cast that way character will automatically put it away and then activate it.

Here is a list of spells that can be cast with a weapon drawn by talent tree:


  • Arcane Bolt

  • Arcane Shield

Primal spells:

  • Flaming Weapons

  • Inferno

  • Rock Armor

  • Earthquake

  • Petrify

  • Winter's Grasp
  • Frost Weapons

  • Lightning
  • Tempest

  • Chain Lightning

Creation spells

  • Heal

  • Regeneration

  • Mass Rejuvenation

  • Heroic Aura

  • Haste
  • Glyph of Paralysis

  • Glyph of Warding

  • Glyph of Repulsion

  • Glyph of Neutralization

  • Spell Wisp

  • Grease

  • Spellbloom

  • Stinging Swarm

Spirit Spells

  • Spell Shield

  • Dispel Magic

  • Anti-Magic Ward

  • Mana Drain

  • Mana Cleanse

  • Spell Might

  • Mana Clash

  • Death Syphon

  • Virulent Walking Bomb

  • Animate Dead

  • Force Field

  • Telekinetic Weapons

  • Crushing Prison

Entropy Spells

  • Weakness

  • Miasma

  • Misdirection Hex

  • Affliction Hex
  • Disorient

  • Death Magic

  • Curse of Mortality

  • Death Cloud

Blood Mage

  • Blood Magic

  • Blood Sacrifice

  • Blood Wound

  • Blood Control

Spirit Healer

  • Group Heal

  • Revival

  • Lifeward

  • Cleansing Aura

Arcane Warrior

  • Combat Magic

  • Shimmering Shield


  • Spider Shape

  • Bear Shape

  • Flying Swarm

Please mention if any spell has been missed


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