Snow Globe Locations

Snow Globe Locations - Fallout: New Vegas (FNV)

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In this post, I would like to go through the main locations where to find the Snow Globes

  1. Goodsprings: You can find this snow globe at the Goodsprings Cemetery. It's located on the second grave to the west of the Courier's grave, near the water tower. Look for the only grave with rubble on top, the snow globe is there.
  2. Hoover Dam: This snow globe is located at the Hoover Dam visitor center. It's sitting right on the welcome desk.
  3. Mormon Fort: At the Old Mormon Fort, go to the western corner and enter the tower. The snow globe is upstairs on a shelf.
  4. Nellis AFB: At the Nellis Air Force Base, specifically the Nellis Boomer Museum, the snow globe is on the right-hand table as soon as you enter the building.
  5. Test Site: This snow globe is in the cocktail lounge of the Lucky 38 Casino. It's behind the middle cash register, next to a green lamp and some bar taps. You'll need to speak to Mr. House first to gain access to this area.
  6. The Strip: In the Vault 21 Hotel, you'll find the snow globe on the nightstand in Sarah's room, which is locked with an Average lock. You can pickpocket Sarah for the keys if needed.
  7. Mt. Charleston: Head to the Jacobstown Lodge. The snow globe is on the reception desk.

Additional snow globes from the add-ons:

  1. Zion National Park: Requires Honest Hearts DLC. This snow globe is in the general store in the northwestern part of Zion. It's on the bottom shelf of a broken cabinet behind the counter.
  2. Big MT: Requires Old World Blues DLC. This snow globe is in the X-17 Meteorological Station, in the room on the catwalk next to the model houses.
  3. Sierra Madre: Requires Dead Money DLC. This snow globe is near Dean's Secret Stash in the upper levels of Salida del Sol North. From the southernmost entrance to Salida del Sol South, go down the stairway and out to the street, then turn around for the entrance hole in the wall above. You can reach this area by going up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and following the rooftops back toward the hole.
  4. Lonesome Road: Requires Lonesome Road DLC. This snow globe is at the Junction 7 rest stop just past the High Road. Take a right when leaving High Road, the shop is at the bottom of the hill. The snow globe is upstairs, inside a fallen bookshelf.


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