Best Ailment Build - all you need to know

Best Ailment Build - all you need to know - Godfall

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In Godfall, builds define the playstyle of a player based on all the weapons, gears, skills, and magic spells that they use on their journey to kill the demons of the dark world. Poison, Bleed, Ignite, chill, curse, and shock are the six available ailments in Godfall. The perfect ailment build features a combination of these ailments.

In the previous version of the game, all these ailments dealt the same damage over time, but the latest updates added some effect to each Ailment. Below are more details about these ailments.

  • Bleed: Increases physical damage and damage over time
  • Poison: deal more overall damage by increasing the duration of the damage over time
  • Ignite: deal more damage, but the damage over time will decrease to some extent
  • Chill: decrease attack speed, movement speed, and damage over time
  • Shock: Increase the incoming breach damage
  • Curse: decrease the damage taken from nearby enemies

Specialists of Ailment build

Bulwark, Mesa, Moebius, phoenix, Typhon, and vertigo are regarded as the specialists of the above ailments. The armor of these valorplates can increase the chances of inflicting an ailment by more than 10 percent.

If you inflict an ailment on a nearby enemy with one of these six valorplates, your damage bonus will increase by 100 percent, all thanks to the archon fury ability. Here is the relevant Ailment of each valorplates so you can choose the best according to your needs.

  • Bulwark – Bleed
  • Mesa – Poison
  • Moebius – Curse
  • Phoenix – Ignite
  • Typhon – Chill
  • Vertigo – Shock

The skill perks of most of the above valorplates are similar to each other and offer similar effects. If you want to inflict the feature ability of these valorplates, first max out their relevant ailment skill to increase your chances of doing so.

For those who want more attack speed, they should max out the rampage skill as it can give them the boost no matter what weapon they are fighting with. To unlock new attack combos, upgrade the weapon timing skill to make some methodical attacks on enemies rather than blindly slashing your weapon.

Hit the enemy as quickly as possible and keep making the attack until you defeat the enemy if you want to inflict a perfect ailment. The archon fury ability give an additional 90 percent boost for a short time.

The power of Ailment build

Stack as many ailments as you want to use them on a single target and quickly kill it to focus on the remaining enemies. After the latest update, the strength of an ailment is equal to the strength of the attack that you do.

You should go for a stronger attack if you want to apply a high damage ailment. Ailment power trait can increase the effectiveness of an ailment. The ailment duration trait can increase the duration of the Ailment you apply to your enemies. Hence increasing the total damage over time.


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