Best Takedown build - best weapon and skills

Best Takedown build - best weapon and skills - Godfall

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Godfall is a role-playing action game that takes you on a journey to the realms of Earth, Water, and Air as a knight. Your job is to stop apocalyptic events from happening, and you can invite your friends to play with them in cooperative mode.

A set of equipment, skills, magic, and attributes is known as a Build in Godfall. It shows the true strength of a class or a character, and you can learn to build the ultimate takedown build in this article.

Why Takedown build?

Takedown is regarded as one of the best builds in Godfall till now as you can perform more takedowns as compared to other builds. It lets you deal some overpowered damage while you are landing those takedowns, enabling you to kill an enemy in a few hits.

In the takedown build, resistance stats are pretty high, making it harder for your enemies to hit you. Increase your critical damage stats as much as you can, as they will help you in the later stages of the game.

Best Weapons for takedown build

No matter how good your stats are, they are useless if you don’t have good gear and weapons because your hero will fight with them. Legendary Hecate’s Inferno hammer is the best main hand weapon that you can get at level 50. The Obsidian blade gives you a nine percent increase in the polarity attack charge as soon as you land a critical hit.

Equip the legendary Earth Minder’s crest as your main amulet, which will give you a 69 increase in breeze damage. If you kill an enemy while the Legendary Dawn lord’s signet is equipped, the enemy will explode and deal 5000 damage points to all the nearby enemies meaning that you can kill more with a few hits.

Eye of the dragon should be your secondary ring, especially if you want to increase the damage you deal with bleeding enemies while gaining some health back. Use Spirit Pumice as the living stone to get extra breach damage and the Plague pennant as the banner to increase critical hit damage by 20 percent. Methra’s star is ranked as the best charm with this build, all thanks to those 270 vitality points.

Skill tree for takedown build

The skill tree is as important as the weapons are, and a balanced tree with much-needed skills upgraded to maximum can do wonders. First, upgrade the breach skill all the way to the top, upgrade the takedown skill to the maximum, and upgrade the weak point skill to a minimum of level 3 to get the best results from the takedown build

With the weak point upgraded to level three or above, you will deal some extra damage to the enemy, especially if you use the heavy attack to hit a weak point of the enemy. Also, upgrade the polarity attack as much as you can to deal with polarity attacks.


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