Best Vertigo build

Best Vertigo build - Godfall

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Vertigo is a valorplate in Godfall that comes up with a large number of buffs to increase the overall power of a player. There is bad news for players who want to make a combination of vertigo and other valorplates because vertigo is a complete set, and you can’t wear it in pieces.

You can equip vertigo if you want to get your hands on the shock and air damage. It is an air-based valorplate that mainly shocks all the nearby enemies to let you damage them without worrying about them damaging you. Vertigo comes up with 9 augment nodes, and each augments node grants a bonus when you equip them.

Gather 10 valorplate cores and 50 crystalline tears to unlock vertigo in Godfall and start working on your vertigo build. You need to reach a certain level to unlock all the augments of vertigo, and below are more details about what augment unlocks at which level.

  • Unlocks at Level 10: White affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 15: White affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 20: White affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 25: Blue affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 30: Red affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 35: Blue affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 40: Green affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 45: Blue affinity
  • Unlocks at Level 50: Blue affinity

Abilities of Vertigo

The ultimate ability of vertigo build in Godfall is the archon ability that you can use as soon as you fill up the energy bar. The archon ability automatically boosts up all the passive skills of your armor set to help you in executing a special skill and finish the enemy.

It launches a shockwave that deals 40 damage to all the nearby enemies. During the archon ability, all your attacks deal air damage, and the chances of you inflicting a shock increase by 40 percent.

Godfall Vertigo build guide

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to make a vertigo build in Godfall.

Pick up a Valorplate

First, pick a valor plate of your choice, which is vertigo in this case, but you can follow these steps for builds of other valorplates as well. The valorplate is the core of any build, so choose it wisely.

Equip gear

After valorplate, gear is the core of your build, and you should choose weapons that give you a boost of specific stats. Gear impacts overall attributes, and you can change them later, but the relevant gear is the key to success.

Unlock relevant skills

Depending on your valorplate, unlock and upgrade the skill tree to get some extra stats and benefits. Might, spirit, and vitality are the three main stats in Godfall, and the rest are just subcategories of these.

Finish the build with augments

Augments are the best method to get stat bonuses without making any extra effort after applying them to the vertigo build. The augment slots unlock as you level up through the game, and the slots can change depending on the valorplate you are using.


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