Complete Lightbringer Guide

Complete Lightbringer Guide - Godfall

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Lightbringer objective

A heart of darkness has consumed the water, air, earth, and fire realms. But the Fire Realm is only available if you have the Fire & Darkness DLC installed.

Your objective is to restore sanctum lights by finding and destroying dark tears.

There are two goals in the new Lightbringer mode: Sealing Dark Tears and escorting The Light Of Sanctum to the Amplifier.

Light Level

A bar at the top of your screen will display your current light level. The higher the light level, the greater rewards you’ll get at the end.

To increase your light meter, you’ll need to defeat enemies, complete objectives, and open light caches.

The number of available light caches, and your light bars limit, will change depending on what step you’re on.

Lightbringer Guide

Step One: Seal The First Dark Tear

godfall sealing the first dark tear

Your first objective is to seal a dark tear, after which a few enemies will spawn. You’ll have to defeat these enemies to progress to the next step.

Whenever you seal a Dark Tear, you’ll be able to interact with it to choose from a variety of curses. Curses make the game harder in various ways but increase your rewards even more.

Your light level’s limit will go from ten to fifteen after sealing your first dark tear.

Step Two: Escort The Light To The Amplifier

Now your objective is, simply, to escort the light of the sanctum to the amplifier. But there are two things to note:

  1. The light of the sanctum will stop when enemies enter its radius.
  2. If enemies are in the light’s radius, the light bar will drain when you’re not.

Step Three: Seal The Second Dark Tear

After you successfully escort the light, you’ll receive a new objective to seal your second dark tear. Once again, enemies will appear afterward.

Step Four: Escort The Light Of Sanctum

Once again, your objective will be to escort the light of the sanctum to the amplifier. But this time, enemies will become scarce relative to your light bar.

Step Five: Seal Your Last Dark Tear

Now seal the last dark tear and defeat the enemies that spawn around it.

Step Six: Escort The Light One Last Time

Enjoy your last escort mission and defeat the enemies that spawn along the way.

Step Seven: Get Ready For A Boss Fight

The final step has you fighting three waves of enemies with the last spawning boss mobs.

You’ll have to defend the amplifier from enemies as they attempt to disable the amplifier. These enemies will drop light crystals upon death; you’ll want to bring these crystals to the amplifier.

Once you’ve charged the amplifier enough, the amplifier will kill the remaining enemies and start the next wave.  After the boss wave, you’ll be able to collect your rewards.

Final Note

You should collect caches before starting a new objective as they refresh every time.

Caches spawn around the current objective, and light beacons point rays in the direction of any nearby.


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