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Best Wrex build - Complete guide - Mass Effect 1 (ME1) | LE

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This post is about Urdnot Wrex, the Krogan build in Mass Effect 1 and Legendary Edition. The build concentrates on covering important aspects in combat, equipment, and talents.

How to Acquire Wrex?

Early in the game, you will enter Chora’s Den, a club in the Wards. You will then encounter Wrex, trying to reach Fist.

After that, you will need to go to C-Sec headquarters where you will find Wrex Urdnot arguing. Go to him and a scene will start. After the dialogues, the Krogan will join your party.


I recommend building Urdnot Wrex as a Tank character. Let him run first during encounters to lure enemies out of the cover. With the talents that I will suggest Wrex can easily soak up a lot of damage. Giving you and your another companion to take out enemies.

A short version on where to invest talents:

  • Assault Rifles: 5
  • Shotguns: 12
  • Combat Armor: 12
  • Fitness: 12
  • Warp: 12
  • Throw: 1+
  • Barrier: 12
  • Krogan Battlemaster: 6

Urnot Wrex build talents mass effect 1

Here is how I recommend prioritizing Wrex talents.

Get Assault Rifles to 5. This will allow you to unlock Shotguns talent. With it, Wrex will be able to deal more damage and get access to Carnage skills.

My next suggestion is to get Combat Armor to 7. This will give you two benefits: allow wearing Heavy armor and unlocks Immunity. Next, put all your points into Immunity. This will greatly boost Krogan’s survivability by reducing the damage that it takes for 6 seconds. The Master level gives 90% damage reduction.

After this maximize Krogan Battlemaster. It gives you HP regeneration and resistances to physics forces like Throw. After this get Barrier. It is an amazing skill giving you a temporary shield that allows you to soak up all damage until a certain threshold is reached.

Of course, we now covered the defensive part of the build. At this time you should be in the middle of the game. This opens up opportunities for more offensive investments. Finish leveling Shotguns.

After this get Warp and maximize it. This is a great offensive ability that works on all enemies. After Warp, my personal suggestion is to choose between further Combat Armor investment or getting Throw. I did not use Throw as much as I had other companions with stronger biotic abilities.

This covers how you should be building Urdnot Wrex talents for maximum utility in Mass Effect 1

What Gear should you use for Urdnot Wrex?

In this section, I will cover recommend gear for Wrex.


As you will invest all 12 points to Shotguns, this will be your main weapon. The best ones are Spectre shotguns HMWSG. Try to get the best tier that is available to you either VII or X.

hmwsg x stats mass effect 1

Regarding the weapon upgrades I recommend: Kinetic Coil, Scram Rail, Sledgehammer Rounds, Inferno Rounds.

As a secondary weapon, you can get Assault Rifle: HMWA. However, due to low investment, you will lose out on DPS compared to a shotgun.


As you will have the ability to wear Heavy Armor, it should be your priority. Of course, you can also wear a medium one. However, as Wrex will be tanking a lot my personal suggestion is Mercenary type armors that have high damage protection:

Mercenary Heavy Armor stats mass effect

Of course, there are better armors, like Colossus armor, which has the highest damage protection. But it is not easily obtainable as others. For the highest biotic protection get Krogan Battlemaster armor. To get this armor to buy a Geth Armor license in Lower Markets of Citadel Wards. There you will find a salarian named Morlan.

Do not forget to fill upgrade slots. My personal recommendation: Energized Plating, Kinetic Exoskeleton, and Shield Interface

Tools – Omni-tool and Biotic amp

Wrex can wear Biotic Amp. This is a great way to boost your biotic abilities, although you do not have many of them. The best one is Savant:

Savant biotic tool mass effect 1

Unfortunately, the other ones are lackluster compared to the stats that they give at the same tier.

Tactics – how to use Wrex?

As I already mentioned, I suggest building this Krogan as a tank. Due to this, you will need to use squad commands. They will allow you to move Wrex to the front lines.

This is useful because enemies will leave their covers to attack him. This will be an excellent opportunity for your and your companion to attack them.


Wrex is an extremely interesting character in Mass Effect 1. Although he just looks like a grunt his backstory will explain the reasons for his actions.

This build guide should help you on your journey and explain the main points to fully utilize Wrex in your party.



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