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Mass effect 1 has an equipment system like most RPGs. I will list armor’s based on the type of protection you need. Generally, Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition damage protection is the best option. Not many enemies use biotic abilities and usually do mediocre damage.

Best Damage protection – Colossus Armor

This is the best armor that can be obtained in the game. The heavy version of the armor at level X provides these bonuses:

  • Damage Protection: 79
  • Shields: 450
  • Tech/Biotic Protection: 18

The armor comes in light, medium and heavy versions, so it will work for all Shepard builds and for most of the companions

The big question is how you obtain it:

  1. Kassa Fabrication armory license – can be bought in C-Sec Requisitions in Citadel. Another place to find is in Noveria, there you will meet Elcor who can sell it to you. Once you are high enough level there is a chance that the armor will appear in Normandy Requisitions. You can find it at the garage
  2. Random drop chance - Once you start seeing VII – X level gear there is a small chance that Colossus armor will drop for you. Due to this try to open any containers that you can find
  3. Completed Bring Down the Sky – at the end of the quest you will talk with Simon Atwell. He will offer to reward you with the armor of your choice. However, you will need to avoid choosing Charm or Intimidate options as you then will get Omni-Tool

Best shields and biotic resistances – Predator Armor

This armor is at the same tier as Colossus Armor, so it will provide substantial bonuses for Shepard or other companions.

However, its drawback is that it does not give as much Damage Protection. For level X heavy version of Predator armor you can expect these stats:

  • Damage Protection: 58
  • Shields: 540
  • Tech/Biotic Protection: 34

The armor comes in light, medium and heavy versions, so it will work for all Shepard builds and for most of the companions

Here are the options on how you can obtain it:

  1. Armax Arsenal armory license – you can buy it from Volus Merchant – Expat. It can be found in Wards market district, Citadel. You will need to be level 18 (Legendary Edition scaling). After you get the license it has a chance to appear in Normandy Requisitions.
  2. Random drop chance – as with most of equipment this armor has a chance to drop from random containers.


These are my recommendations for the best armor in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition. If you are playing on Insanity, these armors are mandatory to increase your survivability.

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