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Best Tali Build - complete Guide - Mass Effect 1 (ME1) | LE

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Tali’Zorah is a companion who is from Quarian Alien Race in Mass Effect 1. She is a friendly companion who is interested in technological things that could help her with the Piligrimage.

In this post, I will cover how you should build Tali to maximize her usefulness

Talents and skills

Tali is a Quarian Machinist. This means that the main abilities are those that relate to Electronics. She does not have any skills related to biotics.

Tali skills mass effect 1

Here is a summarized list of recommended skill investment:

  • Pistols: 12
  • Shotguns: 0
  • Basic Armor: 12
  • First Aid: 0
  • Electronics: 9
  • Damping: 12
  • Decryption: 9
  • Hacking: 12
  • Quarian Machinist: 6

If Shepard does not have Decryption or Electronics these are the first skills that you need to get to level 9. They will allow you to unlock all of the containers in the game. This way you can earn cash early to buy good gear.

Now invest in Damping. It is a great ability to deal AOE damage, stuns enemies, and disables tech/biotic abilities.

After this, I recommend getting Hacking over the course of the game you will be fighting many Geth. This ability will boost your offensive capabilities in 70% of the game. Of course, this will not work on really strong enemies, however, it can give some diversion for smaller Geth troopers.

Now invest in Pistols. I suggest avoiding Shotguns as Tali is too fragile to get close to the enemies. She cannot wear Heavy armor, and shields are worse compared to damage protection. After this invest in Basic Armor tree. This will maximize her defensive capabilities. Unfortunately, she cannot survive a lot of damage, so keep her close to cover.

The last thing that I suggest is Quarian Machinist. It does not increase your damage but gives bigger shields.

I think these are all mandatory skills for Tali. If you have any points left feel free to invest them into your preferred ability like First Aid

Recommended Gear for Tali

Tali represents the Engineer class so you can use similar gear.


With the recommended build you will only need a Pistol. Overall the best one is HMWP – Specter pistols. Try to get the highest level that is available to you: VII or X.

The recommended Mods for the pistol are: Inferno Rounds, Scram Rail, Frictionless Material, and Kinetic Coil

Best Armors

For Tali my recommendation is armor that has the highest Damage Protection. So your best bet is Colossus light armor. Of course, Colossus can be hard to acquire, due to this check any armor that can provide the highest Protection stat.

For Mods I recommend prioritizing these ones: Medical Exoskeleton, Energized Plating and Shield Interface. The first one is the best as it also lowers the recharge rate of your abilities.

Best Omni-Tool for Tali

As with most biotic/tech tools, Savant is the best gear available for Tali. It can be quite hard to get it, however, even lower levels of it are better than other company’s

Savant omni tool

The reason Savant is as good is that it reduces Tech ability cooldown. This is one of the most important stats for Tali.

Tactics for Tali’Zorah

To effectively use Tali in your group when playing Mass Effect 1, you should keep these things in mind:

  • Take her on the missions where there will be a lot of Geth enemies.
  • Constantly use her abilities on robotic enemies. You can take out their shields, take control of them or stun them.
  • Keep Tali away from enemies and behind the cover. She cannot take a lot of damage so be careful


I hope this article helped you understand all that you need to know to make the best build With Tali. The build is intended for Mass Effect 1. Feel free to leave a message below with suggestions or feedback.


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