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Ashley Williams - best Build complete Guide - Mass Effect 1 (ME1) | LE

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This is a build for Ashely Williams in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition. She is a soldier in the Alliance Military who will be keeping Normandy's crew equipment in check. She is well versed in all of the weapons available. However, she has no tech or biotic abilities.

With this post, I will cover how to best build Ashley to maximize her usefulness in the group

Talents and skills for Ashley

Ashley Williams is a pure soldier. Due to this, you will want to maximize damage with your weapons and increase your survivability as much as possible.

ashley williams skills mass effect 1

Here is suggested skill point allocations:

  • Pistols: 4
  • Shotguns: 12
  • Assault Rifles: 12
  • Sniper Rifles: 0
  • Combat Armor: 12
  • First Aid: 7
  • Assault Training: 12
  • Fitness: 12
  • Soldier: 6

I would suggest starting with maximizing Assault Rifles. This will allow you to use Overkill for more damage and also you can use the medium-ranged weapons until you get better talents.

The next investment should be into a Soldier tree. You will get increased health and health regeneration. Now Ashley can start tanking some of the enemy encounters.

Next, get Combat Armor. With this tree, you will be able to get Heavy Armor. This type of armor has the largest defenses and resistances, so I recommend it for this build.

As now you have decent survivability capabilities, get Pistols to 4 to unlock Shotguns and then maximize this tree. For strong enemies use Shotgun + Carnage and Assault Rifle + Overkill to deal large amounts of damage in a short period of time.

Now you can get Assault Training 12. It will unlock Adrenaline Boost that you can use to create extremely strong combos with your weapon skills.

After Assault Training put points into Fitness. This will unlock Immunity making Ashley almost invincible for 6 seconds. Use this to make Ashley act as a decoy for enemies to leave their cover.

For the rest of the points feel free to invest them either in First Aid.

Recommended Gear for Ashley

Ashley will need human soldier related gear


I recommend getting the best available Shotgun and Assault Rifle. As with all the weapons these are the Spectre HMWA assault rifle and HMWSG Shotgun. They deal the largest amount of damage, have three upgrade slots.

Try to get the best available tier for you: VII or X, based on your game progression.

For upgrades, my recommendations are Sledgehammer Rounds (knockdowns enemies), Inferno Rounds, Scram Rail, Frictionless Materials, and Kinetic Coil.


The best recommendation is Colossus Armor. This is the best armor overall in the game. It provides the largest damage protection. If you do not have it, feel free to take any armor that provides the largest bonus to this stat.

Recommended mods: Medical Exoskeleton, Armor Plating, and Shield Interface. The first mod is the best

Tactics for Ashley Williams

For effective use of Ashley, you will have to position her correctly. Here are the steps that I do to make her deal the most damage:

  1. Move her close to the enemies and equip Shotgun
  2. Activate Carnage
  3. After Carnage Expires change your weapon to Assault Rifle and activate overkill
  4. Once Overkill ends feel free to activate Adrenaline Burst and repeat from the first step

Have in mind as she is close to the enemies, be sure that she has Immunity ready for 6 seconds of invincibility.


Ashley Williams is a pure Alliance soldier that relies on her physical talents and weapon knowledge. She will not do any fancy biotic abilities, however, she will deal the most damage with her weapons.

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