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In this guide, I will go through steps and tips that you should follow so that you would romance successfully Liara T'Soni. This post works both on Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Romancing Liara T'Soni

These are the tips that I suggest to follow in this Mass Effect 1 Liara romance guide

Get Liara aboard Normandy as early as possible

It is important that you do the mission on Therum as early as possible. This way Liara joins you early in the game. You want to have as many options as possible to talk with her and learn about her background and intentions.

Support Liara during the confrontation

During the game, after Liara joins you there will be a confrontation scene. This scene depends on whether you are a male Shepard or a female Shepard.

For male Shepard, the argument will be between Ashley and Liara. For the female Shepard, the argument will happen between Kaidan and Liara. It is important that you support Liara T'Soni during these confrontations otherwise, the Romancing will stop.

Ask Liara to tell about herself

I suggest talking with Liara often, specifically after every major mission. Moreover, always ask her to tell about herself, especially after the mission in Noveria. So I recommend speaking with her again and again

Select Paragon options when talking

For the Romance to happen, even if you play Renegade Shepard, you need to choose Paragon dialogue options. This way you do not hurt Liara's feelings and also let her open up. Moreover, you will be direct in that you want to initiate the relationship with her.

For example, after three main missions, Liara will tell you about how Asari's mate. When talking about this you should select an option: "There's no rush". You need to reassure her of your honest and open intentions. This dialogue option ensures that the romance continues in Mass Effect 1

When does the romance happen?

After you finish four main story missions that are grounded on Citadel, she will initiate the dialogue with Shepard. Joker will cut this dialogue, but it ensures that Romance has been confirmed.

Before you leave for Ilos, Liara will join Shepard in the Captain's Cabin and the cutscene will start

Moreover, this will ensure that you unlock Paramour Achievement


I hope this guide will help you how to ensure that you romance Liara and what steps you need to take. Moreover, with the guide's help, you will get Paramour Achievement

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