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Rampages Complete Guide - all you need to know - Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) | MHR

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In this Guide I will go through all the things that you need to know to be ready for Rampages in Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise has a new series of Challenges by the name of Rampage Quests. These quests are unique and add a new layer of depth to the game. Don't worry, I managed to compile a guide on Rampages in Monster Hunter Rise.

You might ask, what is this Rampage Quest? Frankly, these are special quests that are like the tower defense games. These quests have artillery and torrents to fight off waves of monsters.

Rampages quests can provide you with some amazing rewards as well. These rewards will ramp up your weapons providing additional bonuses: attack, defense, buddy boosts, etc. So, to help you with all this below is my guide on Rampages!

Rampage - The Basics

If you are playing the quest online, then there will be three other hunters beside you. The village is Kamura which needs your defense to fight waves of monsters. There are various waves and with each one gone, you will face more difficult things.

Weapons - alternatives to fighting on foot

Finally, to complete the Rampage Quests, you will have to secure the gate that leads to the Kamura Village. To put your defense there are quite a lot of weapons installations like;

Manned Installations:


Just like the typical cannons, they explode on impact and have Area of Effect damage. If you like to clear larger groups of enemies or at medium range, then they are your best friend.


Ballistae are very agile, meaning they move quickly. They are used to hit enemies at long ranges with precision. If you want to go for body parts or quick enemies then they are quite good.

Machine Cannons

You can call them Gatling guns, dealing continuous damage quickly. They are only used on close range or when you have to deal damage to specific individuals.

Automated Installations

Automatic ones will fire at a specific range that is fixed, they only stop when out of ammo. You cannot control them precisely

Defender Cannons

These cannons work on the defense thunder ammo.

defender cannon monster hunter rise

Allowing you to cast spells on monsters and work only if your stronghold is quite leveled.

Defender Ballistae

These work on the wyvern blast, sticking to the enemies and exploding on contact. They also need a higher level of stronghold.

Bamboo Bombs

These are automatic explosions but only explode when the enemies are near. The only problem is that their setup doesn’t work on larger platforms.

Wyvernfire Artillery

It has two main attacks: Flaming Beam and Flaming shot. The first one deals high amount of damage to a concentrated area. The second one shoots fireballs with a smaller amount of damage but multiple times

wyvernfire artillery monster hunter rise

You need direct Wyvernfire artillery manually. Point the laser to where you expect the monster to be. Once the monster walks through the laser it will be attacked

Limited Installations

Others were not so limited but these Limited ones have specific limits to them on the Rampage Quest;

Warrior of Kamura

You can call upon the Warrior of Kamura that can fight beside you to defend the village.


You can attract the enemies nearby with these Dragonbait installations. If you can’t handle a large group of enemies, then Dragonbait is your best bet.

Dragonbait warriors

If Dragonbait doesn’t work for you, you can always choose the upgraded version. Upgraded one comes by the name of Dragonbait Warriors. They simply have the ability to take some more damage.

Others installations

These installations have a lower cooldown with better damage or large buffs to the group

Counter Gong

Splitting Wyvern Shots


Individual Monsters - what types you can expect

There are specific icons over the head of enemies which are used to known monsters like;


Targeter monster rampage monster hunter rise

These enemies will use range attacks and have a green icon on top.


Stalkers are mainly focused on attacking your hunter and have an icon of red color on top.

Gate Crashers

Just as the name suggests, gate crashers will focus on gate attack. They have an icon of blue color on top.

Special Monsters

Finally, there are some monsters that are termed as special, having a pink icon on top of them. They are different from the regular monsters and have special abilities.

Group of Monsters - the intensity of the assault

So that you now know about individual types of monsters. Let us move towards the group of monsters which are called hordes.


These groups of monsters are stronger than the typical monsters. You can upgrade the stronghold simply by knocking them down.

Major threat

Groups are led by the Major Threat monsters. They are larger and stronger while giving you quite a lot of experience for killing them.

Apex Monsters

Lastly, there are the strongest monsters by the name of Apex monsters. They consist of special moves called Punishers. These attacks can single-handedly break the gates of strongholds. You need to kill them when they appear, it is your first priority.

Tips and Tricks - make your encounter easier

Surprisingly, I managed to compile some tips and tricks as well to help you with your Rampage Quests. So, let’s get started with the tips;

Use Counter Signal, Always

There are counter signals which can damage the monsters in a field immensely. Instead of increasing the damage of artillery, it increases your attack damage.

You will find counter gongs at specific places. When you hit these gongs, you can activate the Counter Signal. The time is limited for these Signals.

Use Wyvern Riding

When Riding one of the monsters you can easily attack numerous other monsters.

rampage quest wyvern riding monster hunter rise

Moreover, there are a few benefitsusing it: you will apply blights, monsters will drop shinies, you will attack in the area of effect

Limited Summons are Useful

With each level up, you will be presented with installation type unlocks or you can even get upgrades. Amongst these unlocks and upgrades, the most beneficial ones are the limited support.

You can pick various characters in these summons like the Hinoa or Minato, Fugen the Elder, and such. Every limited summon you place has its own skill. These skills range from exceptionally powerful attacks to minor damage (for some time).

Treat these Quests like Hunting Quests

Yes, I mentioned earlier these are Defense type Quests. But to succeed in these quests, you will have to work around with them like Hunting Quests. So, for instance, when you are going out, you will have to eat Dango and fill your bag with healing items.

Traps for capturing enemies are not favorable for the Rampage quests. The reason is that you cannot capture enemies in Rampage Quests. But remember, if you treat it like a hunting quest, you will succeed. So, bring items like flash bombs, enhancers, barrel bombs, armor skins, and demon drugs with you.

Installation Reposting

There are three stages where you will have installation points. At the completion of every stage, you will have some time to move the installations.


So, the latest update of the game brings you Rampage Quests. These quests are quite hard. But on the bright side, they bring you some amazing rewards along with experiences. Here is my Monster Hunter Rise Guide on Rampages; where I managed to guide you through main mechanics. These certain things are the basics, weapons, and monsters, along with a few tricks to keep you rolling.


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